Health & Beauty 7 Makeup Hacks for Hot and Humid Sri Lankan Weather

7 Makeup Hacks for Hot and Humid Sri Lankan Weather

2019 Aug 18

We all look forward to fun in the sun until we’re right in the thick of relentless heat and humidity (which is Sri Lanka all year long give or take a few monsoon showers). Next thing you know we are drowning in a pool of sweat and regret with melting foundation, smeared mascara, and an oily T zone that would attract USA at this point.


It’s probably safe to assume we’ve all been there as islanders, but Ladies, it doesn’t have to be like this. The following seven hot-weather makeup and beauty tricks will help you avoid all the above dilemmas while ensuring your face is flawless the whole day.



Prioritize your moisturizer and sunscreen



The way you care for your skin is just as important as the makeup you apply to it. Use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning to hydrate your beautiful melanin. But hydrating is not enough because you also need to be properly protected from the sun — and that means wearing sunscreen every single day, even under your makeup. (I know you’re lazy but trust me, applying makeup over sunburned skin is not fun).


Sunscreen should be a part of your regular routine all year-round, and with summer being an all-year phenomenon, I am confused why you haven’t already stocked up on your sunscreen unless you are going for the burnt ‘karavadu’ look. When indoors and cool, you can reapply every four hours, but when you’re out in the sun, you should reapply every two hours or every time you come out of the pool or have been sweating. Because reapplying can be tricky throughout the day, try spray-on sunscreen.



Less is more



We all know less is more when it comes to makeup in hot weather but that doesn’t mean I’m scrapping my entire makeup routine. Under a blazing sun, a full face of makeup can feel heavy and even turn runny. Instead of a full on Rupaul’s drag queen look, keep your makeup light. Start with sunscreen, then follow up with tinted moisturizer and face powder, or keep your skin bare and spot-correct with your favorite concealer.

 Remember blotting paper is your friend.



Thinking about going matte



Matte makeup stays on better than creamy or glossy products, and since it’s formulated without mineral oil or petrolatum, it won’t crease throughout the day. It’s also a boon for oily or sweat-prone skin. Another way to control shine throughout the day is to swipe on a mattifying toner in the morning before moving ahead with the rest of your skincare and makeup routine.



The bronze age  (Not to be confused with the Paleolithic age )



For – ahem – “natural” summertime radiance, nothing beats well-done bronzer. Choose one that’s no more than two shades deeper than your skin tone. Bronzer makes your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter — everyone looks better with a little warmth added to their skin. To keep the results looking fresh and natural, apply bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. (Covering every nook and cranny is what gives you that fake, baked look.)



Water proof everything



Even if you’re not within sight of a pool or shoreline, waterproof mascara is a must have. Mascara is prone to streaking and smearing from sweat and humidity, but a waterproof formulation will help lock in product and ensures that you don’t look like you’re going through a horrible tear jerking breakup every time you sweat through your mascara.



Lip liner




Steamy heat tends to melt lipstick, causing it to smear and run. Spend 30 seconds applying lip liner first to keep color in place. Lip pencil will also keep color from migrating into lines around your mouth, should you have any. To prevent lip liner from looking too severe, match it to your lipstick or to your natural lip tone, which is your best bet when choosing a sheer lipstick or gloss.



Always finish with a setting spray



The final step in getting your makeup to last all day and night is to spritz on a setting spray to seal in your look.