Food Where to Get Lamprais in Colombo

Where to Get Lamprais in Colombo

2019 Aug 17

Lamprais, a Lankan delicacy introduced by the Dutch Burgher community is an absolute must try out of the ever so extensive Sri Lankan cuisine. Traditionally, this banana leaf wrapped treat comprises of a meat curry, ash plantain, brinjal pahi, seeni sambol, belacan or blachan (shrimp paste), frikadel (compact meatballs) and finally, rice cooked in stock. While we may consider the egg, which is usually cooked twice, an important component of a single lamprais packet funnily enough it is simply an optional addition.


Over the years, this basic traditional recipe has been played around with many caterers in Sri Lanka providing us foodies with numerous variations of the dish so here’s a list of places to get some stellar lamprais in and around Colombo to fulfill those stubborn cravings.


Green Cabin



Offering the most readily available lamprais in Colombo, Green Cabin has been preparing one of the best lamprais in 10 locations around the city. While they may have off days once in a while, loyal patrons still go back for more. They offer a piece of chicken as opposed to the cubed curry, frikadel, blachan and seeni sambol in their packs.

Price – Vegetable: LKR 400 | Fish: LKR 450 | Chicken: LKR 450
Contact Number – 0112 818 523 / 0112 818 909
Where – 10 locations


Mrs. W



It is safe to say that lamprais has been popularized in particular due to Mrs. Warusawithana’s stellar lamprais. Initially, her lamprais became known to all merely by word of mouth and that sort of recognition is hard to come by. This lamprais includes blachan, seeni sambol, brinjal pahi and an egg, if preferred.

Price – Vegetable (Soya): LKR 430 | Chicken: :LKR 480 | Mixed Meat (Pork and Mutton): LKR 540
Contact Number – 0112 573 908
Where – 27/5, Pedris Road, Colombo 3


The Fab


With their most exclusive branches located at Colpetty and Borella, The Fab has been offering a yummy lamprais with unwavering quality over the years at 17 locations across the country. Their lamprais consists of a cutlet, chicken frikadel, cubed chicken, blachan, seeni sambol, ash plantain, brinjal pahi and a fried egg.

Price – Vegetable: LKR 380 | Chicken: LKR 460
Contact Number – 0112 057 777
Where – 17 locations


Mrs. G’s Delights



They operate on any day of the week but place your orders a day or 2 prior. However, if you are short on time and need some lamprais as soon as possible you can always opt for their frozen packs. Their lamprais includes brinjal pahi, seeni sambol, a cutlet, blachan, and your choice of meat. An egg can be added on for an additional 25 bucks, and frikadel can be made upon request with no additional cost.

Price – Vegetable (egg included): LKR 420 | Fish: LKR 525 | Chicken: LKR 480 | Mixed (Beef, Pork and Chicken): LKR 550
Contact Number – 0777 757 717
Where – 9, Carlwil Place, Colombo 3


Mad Curry Skills by Chari


Chari is a home cook specializing in lamprais and nasi lemak offering delicious lamprais which have garnered her rave reviews. Her Instagram page is super informative so the ordering process is very simple. They have a minimum order limit of 4 packs for delivery but pick up is also an option. Last minute orders will be taken upon availability so do let them know 2 days prior.

Price – Vegetable: LKR 480 | Chicken: LKR 500
DM them on Instagram (madcurryskills_bychari)
Open only on weekends!


VOC Café at Dutch Burgher Union


While their staff aren’t fully versed with what goes into a packet of lamprais, the lamprais itself is delicious! The portion size is just right and there is no unnecessary rice leftover unlike most restaurants in Colombo which load up on our staple. The pack includes brinjal pahi, a vegetable cutlet, blachan, frikadel and your choice of meat.

Price – Chicken: LKR 530 | Mixed (Pork, Chicken and Beef): LKR 630
Contact Number – 0112 584 511
Where – 114, Reid Avenue, Colombo 4


Flamingo House


While this addition to the list may stand out from the rest, trust us when we say Flamingo House does a great lamprais! Clocking in at a steep price of 700, this option is on the pricy end but considering the portion and flavours, it is totally worth the price! They deliver through Uber Eats so this is definitely a must try. The pack consists of brinjal pahi, ash plantain, seeni sambol, blachan, a fish cutlet and an egg.

Price – Chicken: LKR 700 | Pork: LKR 700
Contact Number – 0778 597 766
Where – 58a, Horton Place, Colombo 7


Kaema Sutra 




The Lamprais is made from scratch with no shortcuts and the end result is a fine pack of flavours. The meat curry consists of four meats which complement the suduru samba that’s cooked in bone broth. The additions of dry seeni sambol added to the texture of the brinjal and ash plantain. At LKR 640, it’s not the cheapest but it’s definitely worth it!

Price – Mixed (chicken, pork, and beef): LKR 640

Contact Number – 011 2670722

Where – Arcade Independence Square




While the Breadtalk lamprais is not the most authentic, the flavours are quite good. A large piece of chicken, seeni sambol, brinjal, ash plantain, egg and a cutlet are included. The chicken and curries are on the spicier side so if you’re the type to like spicy food, then this is for you!

Price – Chicken: LKR 500

Contact Number – 112 679779

Where – 9 locations


So that’s the list guys! Look no further to satisfy those lamprais cravings, we’ve got you covered.


Is there anything we missed out? Let us know in the comments!


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