Food Spirits on the Web: A Guide on Where You Can Buy Alcohol...

Spirits on the Web: A Guide on Where You Can Buy Alcohol Online

2019 Aug 10


Whether it’s a wedding you are planning or a quiet night in, you may be feeling in the spirit for some spirits. Lucky for you this is now only a click away.



Sri Lanka boasts a large number of local and imported alcoholic beverages which can now be ordered via the net. Whatever the occasion, here are some one stop online shops for all your alcoholic needs. 


Keells Super



Options = Pickup/delivery
Delivery conditions = Colombo 
Delivery time = Same day delivery
Delivery charge = No charge
Payment type = Visa/Master Card/American Express
Prices = Low
Product range = Medium/Extensive


Let us begin with our trusty, down the road supermarket. Keells Super has now extended its reach to the online community featuring your everyday essentials as well as a designated area for all sorts of liquors. If you want a taste of Sri Lanka this is definitely your destination. The selection – be it non-categorized – is tailored to seasoned Sri Lankan taste buds. What more, you can order any of these liquors to be picked up at your local Keells supermarket. The product range? Mind-blowing (if you live in Colombo) but be warned, not every store stocks every liquor. This happens to be the price you pay for convenience at your fingertips.






Options = Pickup/delivery
Delivery conditions = Only in Colombo
Delivery time = 1 hour (approx.) minimum 
Delivery charge = LKR 250
Payment type = Visa/Master Card/Payment on Delivery
Prices = Low
Product range = Extensive  


Now for the new kid on the block. Zipsip is an app based retailer specialising in wines, beers, and spirits. Once you download the app through the Apple App Store or Google play, you can scroll through an extensive rage of drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The app is elegantly designed with no glitches thus far. It is so user friendly that even your amma can figure it out. Furthermore, there are categories such as “Nuts, Fruits, and Seeds”, and “The Butcher’s Block” so you can find the perfect pairing of beverage and bite on your one stop app.







Options = Pickup/delivery
Delivery conditions = Nationwide
Delivery time = Within 24 hours
Delivery charge = LKR 2000 
Pickup = Colombo | Galle | Matara | Trincomalee | Batticaloa | Negombo | Kandy | Diyasenpura
Payment type = Visa/Master Card
Prices = High
Product range = Extensive


On the other end of the spectrum, we find Wineworld. This retailer provides options such as online concierge services as well as spirit and wine evenings. To them the act of picking the correct liquor is an art form in itself. Of course, this isn’t everyone’s take on it. For the rest of us heathens, you’ll be pleased to know that the Wineworld website comes complete with its very own blog. Not only does it give some insight into Sri Lanka’s newest trends. Readers can also find an abundance of cocktail recipes and tips for choosing the correct drink for any occasion. 




Options = Pickup/delivery
Delivery conditions = Only in Colombo
Delivery time = Same day delivery
Delivery charge = 1st bottle is LKR 250 and LKR 50 per bottle from the 2nd bottle onward.
Pickup = Colombo 
Payment type = Visa/Master Card/American Express
Prices = Medium
Product range = Medium


WS23 caters to a similar clientele as Wineworld but on a smaller scale. This retailer is a class act. WS23 goes the extra mile by sorting its products by country of origin and clearly states the age of its liquors. By no means is it as extensive as Wineworld and it is relatively pricier too. However, there are a few celebrated items – including an Appleton Estate 21 year old rum – which cannot be found anywhere else. 



So there you have it – a comprehensive list on where best to purchase alcohol online. Whether it’s arrack you are after or a cool glass of Prosecco, we’ve got you sorted. That really just leaves one thing to do. So click away with you and get exploring.