Food Nutritious and Filling Snacks For Busy Adults

Nutritious and Filling Snacks For Busy Adults

2020 Feb 7


You don’t have to tell us, we know. It is definitely not a new feeling to be working hard at that crucial presentation for school or office and then hear your tummy make that growl. Yikes! it’s time to eat! Most of us are also too lazy to get up and get a plate of rice and would rather prefer something to snack on while carrying on working.

People who often go on road trips will will be familiar with this particular growl. The feeling gets worse when you see fewer and fewer shops looming up along the way. So whether you are on a road trip, or you just need to grab a bite ASAP, these are your seven best snack options, according to registered dietitians (yes we kept it as healthy as possible!)


1. Protein bars

If you are rather not deal with hunger pangs throughout your day, you are best off picking up a protein bar at the nearest supermarket. Keels, Cargills and Laugfs has a variety of different brands to offer, both local and international such as Kellogs, Ritzbury and Samaposha. These bars come in a bunch of different delicious flavors (like chocolate-sea salt and strawberry), and they will keep you full for longer, thanks to all the protein, plant-based fats, and fiber they have from the nuts, dates, and egg whites that they are made with.


2. Hummus and pita chips

You can get a couple of grams of protein from this snack (10 grams to 12grams), which helps to keep you satiated as well as twist your taste buds. Hummus and pita chips will be available in delis such as Milk and Honey or you can directly purchase them through Jah’s Hummus (an Instagram page) and they are absolutely delicious as they are energising! Arabian Knights also has their own brand of hummus available at Keels, SPAR and Arpico in Thalawathugoda.


3. Bananas

As Sri Lankans, bananas have always been a staple. It has always been present on our Aluth Avurudu tables and they are amma’s fix to tummy aches. Bananas are a quick, nutritious, and an affordable source of energy with around 3 grams of fiber and 422 miligrams of potassium per serving hence bananas can help offset the effects of sodium, and promote digestive health. If you are prone to traveler’s constipation (sitting still on a road trip can make it happen to the best of us), reach for a banana. Pair it with peanut butter for something even more satisfying and yummy!


4. Air-popped popcorn

Popcorn may be a movie snack, but it also tastes great when you are driving or need a snack to pop in your mouth! Pick up good brands from SPAR or Keels because they are as satisfying as your favorite salty chip, but with way less sodium. Bonus: you will get 3 grams of fiber from a 3 cup serving—a good reason to eat more if I ever heard one!


5. Dry-roasted nuts

Packed with healthy fats and protein, raw or dry-roasted nuts make a great, long-lasting snack when you are on the road or at work. Try buying pistachios, cashews, almonds or dried dates. You can easily get the 5-ounce packages and they offer a trio of plant-based protein, fiber, and healthy fats.


6. Hard-boiled eggs

Although the option may seem basic, hard-boiled eggs can be exactly what you need to feel satisfied, because each egg has about 7 grams of protein! This healthy option is filling and yummy!


7. String cheese

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String cheese is not just for kids! Not only is string cheese fun to eat but it also contains calcium, protein, and is pre-portioned for you. You can easily score yourself some if you head to SPAR and stock up to munch when you are feeling that tummy growl kick in.

Healthy snacks are the best option to ensure you always stay fit as well, instead of reaching out for junk food (which is the easiest option). We don’t think its too late to make a resolution for 2020 so think of putting more effort into healthier eating choices! Happy snacking!