Food Caterers in Colombo

Caterers in Colombo

2019 Nov 30

Are you hosting an event? Have you been looking for caterers that fit all your needs? Here’s a breakdown of some of Colombo’s caterers; from those who cater for small gatherings to largescale functions! 


Small to Medium Scale Events 


Oshella Homemade Goodness


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As the name implies, Oshella has a menu that features extremely tasty items ranging from finger food to lasagnas and rice. Although it is a bit on the pricier end of things, it is totally worth the buck! 

Contact number: 077 896 9687


Pink Pepper 


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If there’s one thing we know about Pink Pepper, it’s that they do an amazing honey glazed chicken that is to die for! Their menu is ideal for family gatherings and get-togethers that require wholesome dishes. 

Contact number: 077 311 4288


Bakes by Beesalt


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Bakes by Beesalt serves absolutely delicious finger food such as mini pizzas, rolls and sandwiches for parties and corporate events. Moist, soft cakes that are truly one of a kind are their signature speciality! 

Contact number: 077 607 8971


My Sister’s Kitchen 


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Thinking of mouthwatering local curries? My Sister’s Kitchen cooks up delicious Jaffna-style dishes and much more! Ideal for events that require a hearty meal, check out their facebook page here.

Contact number: 077 301 7515


Dishes & Plates


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A multi-cuisine caterer, Dishes & Plates serves lunch and dinner items ranging from Kottu to Pasta, BBQ spreads to heavenly desserts. Check out their Facebook page for more info! 

Contact number:  077 253 5090


Large Scale Events 


Athula Caterers 


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With over 30 years of experience in the catering business, Athula Caterers are known for covering largescale events. They’ve got menus to accompany all your wants and needs so you can sit back and relax while the team takes care of everything else! 

Contact number: 0112 925 455


Warna Caterers

Whether you’re looking for Hoppers, Kottu, Salads or anything in between, Warna Caterers have four special menus for you to choose from. Each of them features a special curation of dishes to fit your budget.

Contact number: 0114 920 180/ 0777 675 571


Dushan Caterers 

A former winner of the Shrama Abhimani National Award, Dushan Caterers provide quality outdoor catering services featuring a range of dishes. Not only do they serve for celebratory functions such as parties but also cater to almsgivings and a host of other occasions. 

Contact number: Homagama: 0112 750 730/ 0777 810 813

Pannipitiya: 0774 785 620/ 0777 510 513


The Chariot


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Chariot specialises in a range of outdoor catering menus that cover a large variety of functions and cuisines, be it an intimate gathering or large event, their tailor-made menus are sure to suit your preferences.

Contact number: 0117 777 770


Galle Caterers 


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Whether you’re looking for Lankan, Indian, Pakistani or Chinese food, Galle Caterers does it all! But they’re speciality is the biriyani sawan that could easily feed up to 8 people. With reasonable price points, Galle Caterers have been able to become a fan-favourite amongst most households!  

Contact number: 0114 200 926




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Sponge has ventured into outdoor catering, serving a host of events from parties to launches and much more. Specially designed menus, as well as table arrangements and other necessary arrangements, are everything you can expect with Sponge! 

Contact number: 0112 573 321, 0112 574 299


The Bayleaf

Be it a dinner party, cocktail or a wedding celebration, the Bayleaf Outdoor Catering Service offers several menus as rough guidelines but is all about customising their menus to fit your preferences! From canapes to wholesome meals, they’ve got it all! 

Contact number: 0114 869 000


JUC Udumbara 

Catering for engagement parties, wedding receptions, cocktails, almsgivings and much more, Udumbara also organizes marquees and furniture based on your needs. On the more affordable range of caterers, they do large spreads featuring delicious dishes! 

Contact number: 0332 226 339/0332 225 882


Raffles Catering 


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Raffles Catering allows the host to choose from Sri Lankan to BBQ, formal sitdowns, Mongolian to Indian and many other menus! Regarded as one of the country’s five-star caterers, Raffles covers various events and also provides other amenities such as bar tables, buffet equipment and more. 

Contact number: 0112 818 776


So here you go! They are some of Colombo’s finest caterers and this was our personal breakdown. If you’d like to be served by the caterers listed under the “Small to Medium Scale Events” list for a large event or vice versa, you’ve only got give them a buzz and clear out your queries!