Food Buffets in Colombo 2020

Buffets in Colombo 2020

2019 Aug 30

Ask any bona fide Sri Lankan what the best things in life are, and the answers bound to roll off our tongue are food, arrack and baila. In that order, without any qualification.

As indulgent creatures by nature, we’re all about maximum food consumption; from breakfast to dinner, as well as all those mid-morning snacks, team-time snacks, and dessert, of course. Given our generally laid-back attitude to consuming copious quantities of unhealthy food on the daily, buffets in Sri Lanka are very popular.

As your guide to living your best life, here at Pulse, we’ve decided to give you the rundown of all the best buffets to hit up in Colombo. Let us know your favourites from the list below!


Chutneys at Cinnamon Grand

If Indian Cuisine in particular tantalises your taste buds, then Chutneys is definitely a restaurant to try out. They prepare a variety of food items that are iconic to four South Indian States namely; Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. With a whiff of Indian spices in the air, and an interior that is appeasing on the eyes, Chutneys is bound to give you a pleasant dining experience. 

Dinner: LKR 2370 (Tuesdays only) 

(While Chutneys only have their buffet on Tuesdays, food can still be ordered by their extensive Lunch and Dinner a la carte menus)


Harbour Court at The Kingsbury Colombo

The Kingsbury Hotel is undeniably one of the best places to wine and dine in, and the Harbour Court certainly does not disappoint. They prepare freshly cooked meals inclusive of a theatre element in front of their guests, taking your dining experience to the next level. With an expansive international buffet that revels in various cuisines, the Harbour Court is aims to give you an extraordinary all-day buffet in a modern and sophisticated setting.

Breakfast: LKR 2000
Lunch: LKR 3300
Dinner: LKR 3700
Sunday Brunch: LKR 6000 (with unlimited bubbly), LKR 4000 (without bubbly)


Elevate Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

29 floors sky high, Elevate, situated at the Access Towers building gives you the ultimate dining experience with a spectacular view of Colombo. Their food varies from Lankan, Italian, Indian and Western cuisines, making your taste buds shimmy with a variety of flavours. They also aim to keep their customers satisfied by giving you an “elevated” dining experience, at a very reasonable price. 

Lunch: LKR 1750 (Monday – Friday), LKR 1950 (Saturday)


The Lagoon at Cinnamon Grand 

An expansive range of seafood cooked delicately, in many different styles, is something none of us wants to miss out on. They present a range of Asian cuisines varying from Indian, Continental, Chinese and Thai, that will make your taste buds swim in flavour. Inclusive of a sophisticated interior, do visit The Lagoon, for the ultimate seafood experience. 

Lunch: LKR 2790 (Sundays only)

(While The Lagoon only have their buffet on Sunday, food can still be ordered by their extensive Lunch and Dinner a la carte menus)


Ozo Colombo

Located in Marine Drive, overlooking the breathtaking blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Ozo Colombo is one of the most talked about places in Colombo for a memorable dining experience. Catch the sunrise while giving your taste buds a treat with the iconic Sri Lankan cuisine as well as some Western food, that is bound to take your dining experience to the next level. 

Breakfast: LKR 1712 (USD 9.41) 


Tides Restaurant at Marino Beach

Fine dining, with a panoramic view of the vast ocean, doesn’t get better than the Tides Restaurant at Marino Beach in Colombo. The Tides Restaurant presents an array of scrumptious food items that are prominent in many different international cuisines, to cater to all your cravings and palettes. With luxurious interiors, the Tides Restaurant aims to give you a heaven-on-earth gastronomical dining experience with their breakfast and dinner buffets. 

Breakfast: LKR 2000
Dinner: LKR 2750


Pranzo at Water’s Edge

If the Italian cuisine is the way to your heart, then we suggest you give Pranzo a try. Nestled in the waterbed of the Diyawanna oya in Battaramulla, Pranzo aims to give you the most authentic Italian experience and you will be able to feast the delicious pastas and pizzas to your heart’s content. Water’s Edge is known for their exquisite service, comfortable and appeasing interiors as well as their ever so delicious gastronomy. So next time you want to take your loved ones out for an appetising Italian meal, you know where to go!

Dinner: LKR 3100 (Thursday to Sunday)
Sunday Brunch: LKR 3450


Garton’s Ark 

Come experience a whole new way to wine and dine, with Garton’s Ark. They aim to entice your taste buds with a range of flavourful international cuisines, while you sail the tranquil waters of the Diyawanna oya, adjacent to the urban wetland park located in Nawala. With cutting edge sophisticated interiors and the catchy music of live entertainment, Garton’s Ark will provide you with an extraordinary dining experience that you and your loved ones will never forget. 

Dinner: LKR 3200 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Palmyrah Restaurant 

Located in the heart of Colombo, Palmyrah Restaurant has a rich history of preparing mouth watering delicacies since 1972. Started from perfecting the Sri Lankan cuisine, they have now evolved onto many different International cuisines. Start your day off with the most appetising meals, with their flavoursome breakfast buffet. 

Breakfast: LKR 2000


“A Sri Lankan Journey” at AYU

Let’s all admit that there’s no other cuisine that can quite satisfy our palettes like our very own Sri Lankan cuisine. From kottu, to hoppers, to pol roti, to delicious desserts like pani walalu, they aim to satisfy all your Lankan food cravings in one go. So treat yourself and your loved ones to nothing short of a complete Sri Lankan feast at AYU!

Dinner: LKR 3350 (Wednesdays only)


Graze Kitchen at Hilton

Serving up an exciting array of local and international cuisine, the buffet at the Hilton is an exquisite experience that you’d be remiss to miss out on. Whether you feel like some authentic sushi to satiate your ravenous appetite, or an extensive range of fresh seafood and meats, the Graze Kitchen at the Hilton, does not disappoint.

Breakfast: LKR 2588
Lunch: LKR 3388 (Monday – Wednesday), LKR 3588 (Thursday – Friday), LKR 3988 (Sunday)
High Tea: LKR 2888 (Saturday & Poya)
Dinner: LKR 3288 (Monday), LKR 3888 ( Tuesday – Wednesday), 3988 (Thursday – Sunday) 


Curry Leaf at Hilton

If you want the taste of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine without missing out on a terrific ambience, the Curry Leaf at the Hilton Hotel, ought to be your number one choice. They’re only open for dinner though, so if you want your local cravings satisfied earlier in the day, you’ll have to try somewhere else.

Dinner: LKR 3288


Nuga Gama at Cinnamon Grand

The Nuga Gama or Banyan Village is a distinct Sri Lankan restaurant, brought to life around a 200-year-old Banyan Tree, surrounded by wattle & daub huts, traditionally dressed staff, and a delicious Sri Lankan buffet all days of the week, with a dinner buffet on weekdays, and lunch and dinner both on weekends.

Lunch: LKR 2180 (Saturday & Sunday)
Dinner: LKR 2600 


The Verandah at Galle Face Hotel

Renowned as one of Colombo’s most historic establishments, the Galle Face Hotel, is more than just an elegant look into the country’s colonial past. Popular for its reintroduction of the high-tea pandemic in the city, its buffet options at The Verandah, are equally a gastronomic delight for its faithful patrons. Step into old world charm and aura, without missing out on the delights of well executed contemporary dishes and drinks, at the Galle Face Hotel.

Breakfast: LKR 2200
Lunch: LKR 2800 (special lunch on bookings. Call their reservations desk for more information)
Dinner: LKR 2900
High Tea: LKR 1864 


Raja Bojun

Any Lankan knows that at some point, international fare can get a little boring. Sometimes, all you need is a plate-full of fresh egg hoppers and some devilishly spicy chicken curry to indulge your senses. In these moments, Raja Bojun is a dream come true. Boasting of serving authentic Sri Lankan cuisine all day, indulge in the spice and heat characteristic of our local favourites at this classic spot!

Breakfast: They don’t normally do breakfast buffets, but if you’re particularly keen to try this out, a buffet can be arranged through prior reservation, and if you’re ordering for 25 or more people. Otherwise, you can simply go for their set menu choices.

Lunch: LKR 1990
Dinner: LKR 1990


The Dining Room at Cinnamon Lakeside

Similar to its other counterparts, Cinnamon Lakeside is a serious competitor in the local buffet game. Offering its patrons and guests delectable meats, mouth-watering desserts, and an array of international cuisines for those looking for a little diversity at its buffet restaurant, The Dining Room, the hotel is always a safe bet for an indulgent outing.

Precede dinner with a pleasant stroll on the edge of the historic Beira Lake and build that appetite up!

Breakfast: LKR 2150
Lunch: LKR 3350 (Monday – Saturday), LKR 3950 (Sunday)
Dinner: LKR 3750

Sunday Brunch: LKR 4250 (Every 1st Sunday of the month)


The Governor’s Restaurant at Mt. Lavinia Hotel

Want stunning vistas of the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka is famous for? All while enjoying scrumptious delights courtesy of a hotel renowned for its food? If so, The Governor’s Restaurant at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel is an indisputable choice for you. Feasting on its well-prepared and drool-worthy buffet fare is enough to cause even the most conscientious eater to abandon their healthy habits.

Breakfast: LKR 2250
Lunch: LKR 2500 (Monday-Friday), LKR 2700 (Saturday), LKR 3500 (Sunday)
Includes pool & private beach
Dinner: LKR 3500
Specials: Sunday brunch at LKR 3500


Grand Oriental Hotel

With stunning views of the Colombo harbour to accompany your meal, The Harbour Room at the Grand Oriental Hotel, offers up both a feast worthy of a king, and the ambience to go with it. From its delightful salad bar to its mouth-watering range of meats, and everything in between, the hotel is an excellent choice for those looking for indulgence without breaking the bank.

Breakfast: LKR 1400
Lunch: LKR 1880
Dinner: LKR 2200 (Monday – Friday), LKR 2400 (Saturday), LKR 2200 (Sunday)


Flavoured at Cinnamon Red

Another purportedly budget hotel on our list, Cinnamon Red is undeniably one of the best around, owing to their impeccable service and extensive facilities. Given its parentage and the quality of its sister hotels, the buffet at their restaurant, Flavoured, is nothing short of what you would expect from a Cinnamon resort. While the range of buffet fare might not be as extensive as its five-star counterparts, it is certainly no less delicious or worthy of an indulgent meal out.

Breakfast: LKR 1600
Dinner: LKR 2400 

(While Cinnamon Red does not provide a lunch buffet, food can be still be ordered through their extensive a la carte menu)


AYU at Movenpick

At its AYU restaurant, Movenpick does what any international hotel does best. The buffet.

With its design and set up inspired by contemporary grocery stores, the restaurant serves up a wide range of tantalising food throughout the course of the day. This writer highly recommends that you either skip a meal or two or go for a 5K run before you hit up this buffet; nothing short of a ravenous appetite will otherwise ensure you get a taste of all they have to offer.

Breakfast: LKR 2337
Lunch: LKR 2900 (Sunday)
Dinner: 3350 (Wednesday – Saturday)
Specials: Decadent Sunday brunch at LKR 2900 


Flow at Hilton Colombo Residences

Offering a range of exciting cuisines from around the world, Flow at Hilton Colombo Residence, is an absolute treat. Offering its guests private dining areas and a well curated menu, the restaurant is the perfect place for a range of different occasions. That said, you’d be remiss to visit and miss out on any of its well-prepared buffet fare.

Breakfast: LKR 2150
Lunch: LKR 2800 (Monday – Friday)
Dinner: LKR 3150 (Monday – Saturday)


Ports of Call at Taj Samudra

At its Ports of Call restaurant, the Taj Samudra in Colombo, does just about everything right. Its international buffet certainly does not disappoint, as guests are treated to well curated selection of meats, salads and everything else you could possibly think of. Make sure you skip on all liquids and pace your meal out in order to try out their full range of mouth-watering dishes up for noms!

Lunch: LKR 2950
Dinner: LKR 3400
Sunday Brunch: LKR 4200


Coffee Shop at Galadari

While the Coffee Shop might be somewhat of a confusing name for a restaurant serving up delicious buffets, that’s exactly where you need to head to if you’re looking to dine at the Galadari. The restaurant also features an a la carte menu with exciting Asian speciality dishes, for people with a little less room for an all-out feast.

Breakfast: LKR 1700
Lunch: LKR 2180 (Monday – Friday), LKR 1940 (Saturday & Sunday)
Dinner: LKR 2665


The Gardenia Coffee Shop, Ramada Colombo

Offering much more than coffee shop fare, The Gardenia is Ramada Colombo’s buffet restaurant with a wicked paratha and chicken curry action station. They specialise in Sri Lankan cuisine and even have a much raved about shisha service that you can choose to indulge in as well.

Breakfast: LKR 1900
Dinner: LKR 2750 (at the Indian Restaurant on Fridays)


Sunday Carvery at Cheers, Cinnamon Grand

Sundays are for roast and Cheers does it in style. Tender cuts of roasted meat, a choice of freshly seasoned vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and a tall glass of brew or two, are just some of the highlights of Sunday Carvery – perfect for all you meat-lovers.

Lunch: LKR 2790 nett (Sunday 11am – 3pm)


Colombo City Hotel

Colombo City Hotel offers mouthwatering dishes in the heart of Colombo at affordable prices. Their breakfast buffet changes theme daily; featuring an English breakfast menu on certain days and Indian cuisine as well as Sri Lankan and International cuisine on other. Call their front desk for more information, however, be sure not to miss out on the one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience Colombo City Hotel offers.

Breakfast: LKR 1000


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