Everything else.. A Sri Lankan Culinary Journey With AYU

A Sri Lankan Culinary Journey With AYU

2020 Jan 17

Rich in spices, texture and flavour, Sri Lankan cuisine is a blend of different curry concoctions and mouth-watering dishes. Ayu is introducing a dinner buffet titled ” A Sri Lankan Journey”, a spread of the island’s finest cuisine.

Executive Chef Meththa Ekanayake makes use of local produce such as coconut, jackfruit and an arsenal of spices to create over one hundred items. A healthy salad corner will offer guests Gotukola Sambol, Ash plantain salad, bitter gourd, fried banana blossom and snake gourd salads whilst a separate corner will give you that true “local fix” with some hot roast paan, pol sambol and roasted chicken.

You can even watch your food being whipped up at the action stations. You are given the option of your hopper from egg hoppers to curried seafood and crab hoppers. Koththu lovers have the option of cheese, egg, vegetable or chicken kotthu.

When desserts are delicious and look just as good, there is always room for more. Mung kevum, pani walalu, pancakes, bibikkan, bees honey pudding, pol toffees and milk toffees are just some of the treats you can enjoy post-meal.

The dinner buffet happens every Wednesday and is priced at LKR 3350 per head.

For reservations, call 0117450440 for reservations.