Food A Brand New Way to Get your Coffee Fix – Tempted Yet?

A Brand New Way to Get your Coffee Fix – Tempted Yet?

2018 May 8

In a market that’s mostly saturated in flavors, textures and consistencies, finding a high quality cookie that delivers a new experience can be tough. Better yet, finding a cookie that makes you feel youthful and keeps up with current trends whilst simultaneously tasting incredible is a feat like no other. But worry not; we have just the biscuit for you.

A truly Sri Lankan brand name that has embodied trust, quality and innovation, Maliban is a company that has won the hearts of many for more than 6 decades. The ever-innovative brand name is known not just in Sri Lanka, but globally as well – distributing to over 35 countries over 5 continents – and it is safe to say that Maliban has a strong global presence with biscuit consumers all over the world craving its unique and unmatched taste.

This year, marking a milestone in The Real Temptation journey and joining Maliban’s extensive product portfolio is a rich, flavorful, coffee-crème filled delight, the Maliban Real Temptation Coffee Biscuit. A third variation from the Real Temptation Chocolate-crème biscuit and the Real Temptation White Chocolate-crème biscuit, the Real Temptation Coffee-crème biscuit is the first of its kind on the market and is ideal for your daily caffeine fix. Following lots of hype, Maliban hosted social influencers and Instagram bloggers at an exclusive event held earlier this month, to unveil the delicate yet powerful new biscuit.

Coming in a rich, sun-baked crust and oozing with tantalizingly suave coffee crème, the flavors are not the only unique thing about this biscuit. The difference in textures also plays a big part in the Real Temptation experience. The delicate crunch of the outer crust leads to the smooth sensation of the crème on the inside, making for a wholesome culinary journey that will satisfy the foodie inside us all.

The cookie encompasses new trends, opportunities and the chance to experience different ways of consuming coffee and is available for purchase in most leading supermarkets across the country. Introducing us to a new way of life and easier eating habits, Maliban certainly is giving us some Real Temptation, and we can’t wait to see what more they have in store for us!


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