Food 5 Things Lankans Keep In The Fridge That They Shouldn’t

5 Things Lankans Keep In The Fridge That They Shouldn’t

2016 Nov 17

by Aanisha Cuttilan

Coming from a Sri Lankan household, I honestly don’t understand why we insist on chucking every damn thing in our refrigerators! Seriously, those leftovers are gonna stay there for three days and get thrown out anyway.

No wonder we keep running out of space in our fridges to store the important things! (You KNOW cheese and chocolate won’t survive the humidity  ☹ ). So here are a few things you can leave on your countertop to save room for the things that matter:


You store Nutella in the fridge? Stop that you NEANDERTHAL!

I know I said our humidity kills the chocolates but Nutella is supposed to be savored in its beautiful liquid state! If ants are a problem, store it on top of a plate of water so the pests would drown before they get to MY PRECIOUS *Gollum voice*. Or call an exterminator, for God’s sake.

(PS- Usually, you shouldn’t refrigerate chocolates because that actually takes away the goodness of it… Buuuut it’s Sri Lanka.. )



How many times have we all put bread in the fridge to find it all sad and dried-down the next day? Yeah, you can leave bread in your microwave or countertop for up to 4 days before it goes bad! (Please check expiry dates though)

If you’re using it for longer, store it in your deep freezer and toast for best results.



Ketchup, hot sauce, BBQ sauce – take a tip from your nearest short-eat kade and leave it on your table! They won’t go bad and they’ll taste just fine unchilled.

But do note that some sauces, once opened, need to be refrigerated. So read the instructions on the bottle!


Doesn’t it suck when you’re making that early AM sandwich and your butter just won’t spread on your bread – it’s made me turn to margarine instead! Well good news, butter only needs to be stored in the fridge if the room temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit! So if you don’t like your butter super-melty, you could leave it in your fridge during the humid, daytime hours and switch it up during the more chill night hours.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a butter dish – store it on your countertop overnight for easy sandwich making in the morning! (and again if ants are an issue, storing basically anything on top of a dish filled with water will help. Just make sure the butter dish, in this case, doesn’t touch the sides of the water filled dish).



Hi, hello, yeah salmonella poisoning is actually something to be worried about when storing your eggs, but the chances of Sri Lankan eggs being contaminated by bacteria is highly unlikely. Leave your eggs outside the fridge – or if you feel more comfortable storing them in the fridge, don’t leave them on the door. The constant changes in temperature just make the eggs go bad, faster than usual. Choose to store them at the back of your fridge instead, where temperatures are more constant.

Also don’t hesitate to give some thought to cross-contamination of foods inside your fridge, it would be a great idea to wash eggs before storage with other foods.

Image Courtesy of Will Fisher on Flickr


The glorious potato. The divine, the utmost magnificent, why must we taint thy glory by abandoning you in our vegetable bins? Fridges actually change the taste of potatoes – and not for the better!

Leave them in a basket, a paper sack or any cool, dry place.

“Why must ya store me in the stupid fridge?!?!”


  1. I must disagree with regards to the butter part. 70 Fahrenheit is about 21 celcius, I don’t think it’s that cold in most lankan houses even at night (the current cold, rainy season is perhaps the only exception) .


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