Fashion Design, Textile and Embroidery: How Sri Lankan Hirushi is Making Waves in...

Design, Textile and Embroidery: How Sri Lankan Hirushi is Making Waves in International Markets

2019 Jul 26

Fashion, which is a colourful and fond topic, has been evolving alongside humanity and has its own rich history.



Today, we speak about a 25-year-old young and creative fashion designer who is the Founder of Hirushi Textiles and Hirushi Embroidery. Born to a loving family, Hirushi being the only child was always fascinated by colours as her father worked as a printing personal. When asked what inspired her to pursue fashion, she gladly replied that she loved colours and had always had it in her blood. Her main muse and favoured designer is Alexander McQueen, she said she adored his work and found him to be the greatest legend and role model. However, she is also inspired by designer labels such as Elie Saab, Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph & Russo and Givenchy.


Hirushi studied at Bishops College Colombo and decided to go to London to study Fashion at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Studying and mastering design, fashion, and textures in material, it was here that she learned the amazing technique of embroidery and haute couture that she implements in her very own business. Apart from this, she also masters in tambour beading, digital machine embroidery, laser cutting, fabric manipulations, Perspex, weaving techniques and gold worked garments.



Couture stands for the design and manufacture of fashionable designer clothes to a client’s specific requirement and measurements whereas embroidery is all about sewing various attractive patterns on cloth. The origin of haute couture dates back to 1858 where it was first introduced by a famous designer in Paris. In the 21st century London, embroidery and the art of haute couture is showcased in a more modern and western way. Of course, nothing can beat the beauty and vibrancy of the traditional aspects in Sri Lanka. So, Hirushi followed her love for colours and attempted to pursue her work with a fusion of what she learnt in London and what she loved at home. Using the diverse cultures from the North, South, East and West of Sri Lanka, she created a modern yet Sri Lankan style to her fashion brand.



Her main objective is to bring back the styles of couture and embroidery at an affordable rate and at its richest look to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy this luxury. The creative designer works with an array of materials from Duchess satin, Chiffon, Crape, Organza, Viscose, Velvet, Silk, Wool, Linen and handmade tweed and upcycle lace, embroidered lace and Lame to give her customers the luxury they need.



As achievements, her work is displayed and already archived at fashion crossover London. It has also been press published on magazines –

  • The Bare Minimum
  • WHYTT Magazine
  • SCARE BLUE Magazine
  • BEAU Magazine
  • Noctis Magazine


Hirushi’s graduate collection was worn by Ukrainian born British pop stars – The Bloom twins at the Porto Franko music festival 2018.



She is also a finalist winner at LCF press show 2018 and a finalist winner at the Hand & Lock Embroidery Competition 2018. She hopes to display her work in the upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sri Lanka.


We asked her about her ideas on making her business sustainable and environment-friendly to meet international standards. The young designer was quick to say that she is trying her best to be Eco-friendly in her practices and uses upcycled material often. She also mentioned that she loves using wooden beads instead of plastic and uses handmade accessories which help small vendors. Hirushi is very concerned about the packaging she uses and sticks to only recycled paper and board packaging, thereby reducing waste and promoting the 3R method.


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