Fashion House of Lonali: A Promising Sign of Sustainable Fashion in Sri Lanka

House of Lonali: A Promising Sign of Sustainable Fashion in Sri Lanka

2018 Aug 30

Within Sri Lanka’s illustrious fashion industry, sustainability hasn’t traditionally been a top-notch priority.

In an era of conscious consumption, however, where ethical production, recycling, and up-cycling are now entering the mainstream, House of Lonali has more than just a few tricks up its sleeve.

As Lonali Rodrigo, Head Designer and Founder of the brand passionately explained to me, up-cycling refers to the process where waste material is recreated to produce high-quality items. Through this process, House of Lonali transforms discarded or unused material into bold pieces of clothing, perfect for individuals with a taste for clean and classic looks.
Imbued with a real cosmopolitan edge, the brand’s designs are both versatile and fit for the unforgiving Sri Lankan climate. More than just its fancy floral printed tube tops, conversation-stopping Honza shirts, and reverse print dresses, House of Lonali is also known for its signature line of footwear, featuring both striking prints and more subtle designs. The label is also increasingly popular for its stylish and practical clutches, which are frequently paired with high fashion get-ups.

Women’s clothing and accessories, however, are only the tip of the iceberg for the savvy designer.

With a repertoire of unconventional design work, the label is soon to launch not just a menswear and children’s line but also its second rainwear collection with Rainco. Following up to a daring collection two years ago, the pieces are set to take the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by a storm later this year.

In my conversation with the powerhouse behind this global brand, which has an established arm in the UK, one thing I was made to understand is that sustainable fashion is often mired with mistaken beliefs.

Lonali keenly pointed out that unlike other sustainable practices, opting for up-cycled fashion does not mean you compromise on style, comfort or affordability. In fact, you only access high-quality materials that are stylistically redesigned to provide fresh and daring looks. The bonus here is that all the processes behind the sourcing and manufacturing of the clothes are entirely ethical, allowing buyers to sleep soundly knowing they’ve done their duty by the unsung heroes of the clothing industry.

In my conversation with Lonali, I asked her what’s in store for the brand in the near future. Here, she informed me that a couple of exciting lines are soon to be released, including an eye-popping collection that features the work of a young, talented typography artist, as well her aforementioned raincoat collection.

Available at The Design Collective, Zudora (with whom the brand has its own collaboration), and directly from the House of Lonali store, products are available either for direct purchase or through delivery. Orders are accepted through the brand’s keenly-followed Facebook and Instagram profiles.

With players like House of Lonali leading the sustainable fashion niche in Sri Lanka, it’s not long before these efforts make a significant impact on the lure and appeal of local designs in the international market.

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