Fashion Colombo Fashion Week 2017: The Make Up

Colombo Fashion Week 2017: The Make Up

2017 Mar 21

by Yasonil Piyatissa

One of the most celebrated fashion showcases to hit the island was back for its 14th year! HSBC Colombo Fashion Week reigned the runways this year from the 13th – 19th of March to feast us with the best in clothes, hair and make-up.

Make-up is a core element in any fashion show and is an art that pulls a whole outfit together. No matter what the attire may be, you will need that magical touch of make-up to complete it; without one you simply cannot have the other. So, we decided to take a peek at the make-up trends we witnessed this year at CFW, because without a little color on your lips and a little edge in your eyes you’re practically naked.

1. The Nude Look

As trends may come and go, the Nude Look will never go out of style and will always be class. The use of soft browns and bronzes accomplish the look and is simple and elegant. As of now, this is one of the most trending looks and has definitely been seen at CFW this year.

2. Shine Bright like Neon in the Dark

The most recent make up look that has been blowing up tons of Instagram accounts recently is the Neon look. These fluorescent colours add a colorful dash to any look and are one of a kind.

3. Bold lips

Lips which stand out from the second a model walks onto the runway is what’s said to be in at CFW this year. Deep shades such as Berry, Red Ombre and Burgundy, were the go-to tones for most make-up artists, although shades like blue were also seen. These colours definitely made a statement.

4. The minimalistic eye  

While the lips are made to demand prominence, the eyes take a more simplistic and natural look. A clean and thin swift of eye liner and a soft touch of mascara to balance it off was the eye make-up look we saw. Heavy and full lashes are a no no and is so last year.

5. Thick eyebrows

A strong brow is a necessity. Naturally thick eyebrows are simply groomed with a slight fill, if needed. Thin scrawny lines of hair or obviously drawn on clumps of black are out. Naturally thick eyebrows that provide a solid finish will be adored by any make-up guru.

6. Skin that can breathe

It’s being taken back to radiant and healthy skin. No more caking and baking at the fashion show this year. Refined and glowing skin that thrives on a natural look in order to allow the eyes and lips to stand out is a must. Simply, a soft highlight and contour posing to be the second skin.

7. An overall transcend

A challenge that all make-up artists face at most fashion shows is the lack of time and the limited number of models. Due to these reasons the artists need to tactfully employ a look that can encompass any outfit. Accordingly, the overall make-up look that the models carried at CFW was a work of art that was a mix of a fluid neutrality and beauty.

All in all, we were excited to see what CFW had in store for us this March. Colombo eagerly awaited to be blown away by the make-up looks that complemented the thrilling fusion of clothes, shoes, hairstyles and accessories, and blown away we were!