Fashion Adhya; A Look at Sri Lanka’s Budding Designers

Adhya; A Look at Sri Lanka’s Budding Designers

2018 May 15

Featuring clean and classic lines with their elegant designs, Adhya is an emerging home grown clothing brand on its way to great heights in the local fashion market. Established in 2014 by two fashion conscious millennials with a strong desire to create clothing with a unique flair, the brand produces timeless and eye-grabbing pieces; stylish and practical in equal measure.

Head designers Deumi Pandita and Ishara Fernando are both childhood friends who, having schooled and attended university together, decided on whim that they ought to start a brand targeted at a growing population of style sensitive young women. Initially selling their clothes to close friends and peers, both designers were amazed at how quickly their designs were selling out and how popular they proved to be among buyers.

A quick skim though the clothing featured on the brand’s Instagram page is enough to tell anyone that the curated designs cater to a highly specific aesthetic, ideal for the eternal summers of this side of the southern hemisphere; casual, with a healthy dose of comfort and elegance.

Adhya offers up styles suited for casual social outings and slightly more formal events, striking a healthy balance between dressy and functional attire. Wardrobe staples such as wide legged pants, brightly hued crop tops and plunging shirt dresses are a common feature in the brand’s inventory. Some of their über hip creations includes a vintage comic strip crop top and a Jackson Pollock inspired paint splattered skirt; items perfect for making a statement outfit.

Designs are primarily based around specific themes and are released through quarterly collections, with limited pieces available for purchase. Their next collection, set to release this month, will be up for grabs at The Design Collective. Subsequent releases will be available on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as other locations.

Unlike a number of local fashion brands, Adhya is a cornucopia of exclusive designs that presently dominate the global style aesthetic. Given their commitment to ensure you don’t see a handful of people rocking the same outfit at any point in time, make sure you keep abreast of their limited releases to avoid disappointment.

Ultimately, the brand’s clothing is of the highest quality, with unique designs intended to make you stand out in the crowd. Given the originality and quality of clothing, their price points are also highly appealing; making it a go-to if you’re looking for anything ranging from a formal office event to a breezy date by the beach, and everything in between.