Everything else.. Food Waste Prevention: Where You Can Donate Your Leftovers

Food Waste Prevention: Where You Can Donate Your Leftovers

2019 Oct 16


Food. An integral component of survival, a cornerstone of civilization and nature’s bounty that we celebrate today. If you’re an avid follower of Pulse you know we love our food (our restaurant reviews and recipes anyone?) but today we’re putting our focus on something else.

Hunger is something the majority of us are lucky not to know but it’s an issue that plagues the lives of many in Sri Lanka. Thousands of Sri Lankans go to bed hungry every day and today where we celebrate food let’s take a look at the people who are doing something to combat hunger and how you can be a part of this fight.

Food waste is something we all have to deal with from time to time especially after a big party and there are quite a few organizations out there where the food that you might throw away can feed someone! (Or a four-legged furry friend)

Here are some organisations that are taking strides to end hunger.


Organisations Accepting Food Leftovers


Robin Hood Army

Hands down one of the most popular organisations of this caliber, The Robin Hood Army is an international volunteer organisation fighting to end hunger. In Sri Lanka the Robin Hood Army works with restaurants to collect and deliver leftovers to those in need. Although they don’t accept leftovers from the public they are in constant need of help so volunteers are welcome! They are very active on Facebook so check them out there.

Email: robinhoodarmycolombo@gmail.com

Links: https://robinhoodarmy.com


West Paws

Feeding those without a voice, West Paws is an initiative by the Colombo West Rotaract Club which collects and delivers leftover food from restaurants to animal shelters. They also accept financial donations to cover transport costs. On Facebook you can find information and contact West Paws through the Colombo West Rotaract Club Facebook Page.

Contact Number: 0765297829


We Give Stuff Away

A group of volunteers trying to get the right food at the right time to the right people WGSA is on a mission to deliver food to those in need. Whether it be perishable food or groceries you can contact them if you want to do a little bit of ‘Secret Santa-ing’ any time you want to.

Contact Number: 0774841134

Email: soupbowlers@gmail.com


Other Food Charities

Donating leftovers isn’t always a viable option due to a whole host of reasons. However, there are still quite a lot of people doing great things to feed the hungry and they need our help too. Here are some food charities that don’t accept leftovers but are still serving our community.


The Soup Bowl

Although still in their infancy the Soup Bowl strives to end hunger by providing dry rations and a sense of community through their monthly soup kitchens. This ministry is sustained through financial donations made by the community and you can also make a booking to host the monthly soup kitchen.  You can contact them through their Facebook page and it also gives information about their latest activities.

Contact Number: 077 484 1134

Links: https://thesoupbowlcolombo.wordpress.com


Jana Suwa Bala

Taking the mantle from Jana Posha, this is a group which provides free lunch at the Apeksha cancer hospital every day. Run by volunteers and sustained by community donations, Jana Suwa Bala has a big impact on those who genuinely need help and any form of assistance is greatly appreciated by them. Like everyone else in this list they are very active on Facebook and this is the best way to reach them.

Contact Number: 0772561321

Email: janasuwa.apeksha@gmail.com


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