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Where to Buy Musical Instruments in Colombo

2019 Sep 24

As the vibrant city of Colombo is fast becoming a city that fosters and flourishes performing arts, our local music scene is teeming with talent and is at its peak. However, finding quality gear at great prices continues to remain challenging. So, whether you are a budding performer whose only audience is yourself or if you are a seasoned veteran that seeks instruments for live performances and then some, this list will narrow down your options for where to purchase musical instruments in Colombo.

Sai Sangeetha

Sai Sangeetha is a name that is familiar with many of Sri Lanka’s music legends from the early 90’s and 2000’s. They’ve been in the industry for over 25 years, so they really understand the products that they sell. Located in Colombo 11, Sai Sangeetha has a vast collection of oriental instruments. From tablas, sitars and even Sri Lanka’s own percussive instruments, they cater to a wider market. Of course, conventional instruments that touring musicians are familiar with are also available here. As for pricing, they aren’t too steep as many instruments are reasonably priced. What you pay for is what you get – the general theme here.


Music කඩේ

Music Kade, located in Dehiwala, is among the lesser known stores for musical instruments in Colombo. Having said that, they do have a loyal customer base that flocks to them, thanks to their personalized services. In addition to their practice rooms, they offer other services such as renting instruments along with lessons for both professionals and beginners. They were also the first in Sri Lanka to allow buying, selling and even exchanging musical instruments for what they have in store. Music Kade is the ideal place to shop for instruments if you’re just starting out.



Featuring hundreds, if not thousands of individual sellers posting secondhand instruments for resale, ikman.lk is the place to get the biggest bang for your buck. However, be warned that your options will be limited to only specific brands, so you might not get exactly what you’re looking for. As for quality, it really varies. Some individual sellers make their living by importing used instruments from Japan and Germany (especially relevant for drums and percussion) so in such cases, you’ll be purchasing a well looked after bit of kit at a competitive price point. After sales service doesn’t really exist here though, so make sure to do a thorough inspection before purchasing your instrument.

Yamaha Music Centre

Located down Bauddhaloka Mawatha, every local musician has been here. With an unmatched product range which features percussion, string instruments, keyboards, synthesizers and even grand pianos, this is your one stop shop. The brands offered by them are world class without a doubt. From Fender, LP, Mapex and of course Yamaha to name a few, you can rest assured that they don’t skimp on quality. However, quality comes at a price, but their instruments will surely stand the test of time. If  your instrument needs servicing, the team at Yamaha is comprised of musicians as well so they really know their stuff; you can expect excellent after sales service too.


Maybe the sound of a Guiro doesn’t sound as natural to you through the voice of a synthesizer, or perhaps you’ve looked everywhere but you cannot find that 8” drumhead, Amazon is one place that all musicians have turned to at some point. When sound matters more than the high shipping prices and duties, amazon is the ideal online marketplace for uncommon instruments and accessories which will add color to your musical repertoire.



So there you have it, our list for the best places to get your musical instruments in Colombo. PS – Most of the stores mentioned above offer great deals on credit card payments so be sure to ask. Keep playing, Pulse wishes you well as you continue to make great music!