Everything else.. Where to Beat the Heat When in Galle

Where to Beat the Heat When in Galle

2019 Aug 11

Galle is an architectural gem of a city that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The colonial town has many highlights for tourists and locals alike to explore, brimming with endearing boutiques, cafes and restaurants.



In the right season, walking down the streets of Galle with a light breeze ruffling your hair under soft rays of sunlight would make for perfect strolling material but more often than not, Sri Lanka is known for its harsh, punishing sun. So if your throat is parched, there’s sweat trickling down your back, and you’re dying for a break from the heat, here are some iconic places you can check out:



Isle of Gelato



Of course, if you’re looking for a quick fix, an ice cream parlor simply HAS to top the list. Isle of Gelato is an absolute Galle favorite that generates plenty of traffic from local and international fans. Produced 100% from scratch using natural ingredients, their gelato is mouth-watering and intense in flavor and will definitely provide a respite from the heat.



Pedlar’s Inn Café



Humbly located in a British-era Post Office, Pedlar’s Inn Café is a popular choice for any visitor that walks the streets of Galle. With a beautiful interior lined with antiques, books and even jewelry, the ambience of this place is spot on and definitely brings in the masses! Besides, with an extensive array of decent food on the menu, the café is perfect for big groups with varying tastes. To complete the visit, just hop across the street and try out their gelato shop!



A Minute by Tuk Tuk



Set up on the second floor of the Dutch Hospital, you’ll find a quirky little café that goes by the fitting name ‘A Minute by Tuk Tuk’. If you want to kick your feet up to the view of the ocean and unwind to the sound of the waves crashing below, this is the spot for you. On hotter days, you can make your retreat from the deck to the air conditioned bar and still enjoy the eatery’s hearty dishes.  



Spa Ceylon



After hitting the boutique shops, clothing stores, and everything in between, we wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself reduced to a walking ball of sweat. There are some of us who need an extra bit of pampering after all that hard work. This well-reputed spa would be the perfect place to head to to soothe out those weary muscles and treat your body well.



The Heritage Café and Bistro



Delivering food from all walks of life (from Sri Lankan to European, Middle Eastern and more), The Heritage is perfect for those ready to wind down in a building with rich history and some interesting artwork. TIP- if you’re looking for a break from those Sri Lankan rice and curries, go for their homemade pizzas and pastas and wash it down with some iced ginger ale.



Poonie’s Kitchen



Poonie’s Kitchen is a quaint little spot that’s perfect for the Gram. To find it, just keep an eye out for the Mimimango shop and walk straight through to this little oasis.  Decorated with artsy little items, posters, books and more, Poonie’s gives customers an open-air rustic space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.






Firstly, who doesn’t like crêpes? If you’re ready to dabble in a unique dining experience of all things crêpe related, head over to Crêpe-ology (a crêpe specialized rooftop restaurant). The beverages too used to wash down the meals are incredibly refreshing and together with the air-con feature makes this vibrant and quirky restaurant a perfect hideaway from Galle’s usual heat.


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