Everything else.. Viber Reviewed: Cracking the Code to Why Sri Lankans Love This Platform

Viber Reviewed: Cracking the Code to Why Sri Lankans Love This Platform

2019 Oct 22

Ardent Viber users in Sri Lanka are much more than you think; because when it comes to cross-platform communication, Viber’s interface is stellar! Here’s a breakdown of its features and how we believe we cracked the code to knowing why Sri Lankans love it. 


End-End Encryption 

One of the biggest dilemmas of online communication is the worry of your personal information being harvested elsewhere without your knowledge. In an effort to ease such distress, Viber has incorporated the end-end encryption feature where no one, except the two in conversation, is able to see and access the information. This non-trackable feature is the epitome of safe messaging and Viber has been on board from day one!


Viber Communities 

This feature allows an unlimited amount of members to your group with more admin controls; thereby allowing users to manage and safeguard their chats. Through its management options, admins are allowed to decide whether members can post, and remove those who violate community rules. Members can chat directly and/or privately with Hidden-number Chats and what’s more, new members can see the chat history when they join! 

Viber Communities is a feature that allows all its users to keep up with their favourite influencers as well. You can follow them on their daily routines and get to know them on a personal level through personal interactions; all through Viber Communities. 

Viber Stickers 

Alongside emojis, stickers are a cool and innovative way to communicate as well. Make your conversations bright, fun, light-hearted or personal using their vast range of expressive stickers. They’ve got a range that varies from animated stickers to stickers with sound effects. While most packs are free, some need to be purchased. Also, keep in mind that you can’t download stickers from Viber for Desktop. 


Self Destruct Timer 

Self destruct timer adds to Viber’s safety net allowing users to set a timer for their messages. Be it a picture or a video, the self destruct time ensures it is expired after a certain amount of time and neither of the party no longer has access to it. It appears in your chat as a blur and the timer can be set to expire within a few seconds, minutes, days or even a week! What’s more, this secret message thread is kept totally separate from a normal chat thread and users get an alert if a screenshot is taken within the conversation. This feature is only available on the mobile versions of the app. 


Viber Out 

Viber allows users of the platform to get in touch with non-users. Through Viber Out, you can call non-Viber numbers around the world at comparatively low rates. For example, you can have unlimited global calls for USD8.99 a month. This service is compatible not only with mobile phones but even landlines!

Chat Extensions 

Providing Viber users with ease and convenience, Chat Extensions was first formed to allow users to browse without having to leave the chat. With Viber’s new and improved Chat Extensions you can send GIFs, browse on YouTube, share content, book accommodation, stay in loop with various sites and even stream music, all the while being present in your chat window. 

Viber desktop users are also able to enjoy the same experiences without a glitch! 


File and Location Messages 

Share files of up to 200MB quickly and efficiently through a few simple taps through file sharing and discover more about your surrounding and let friends know where you are through location messages. Viber’s new update entails all of these features and more!

At your disposal on desktop and mobile, Viber’s features are ready to go head to head with similar platforms. For us, the key takeaways are its awesome chat extension feature and self-destruct timer. Experience Viber yourself and let us know which feature you liked best! 


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