Everything else.. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Where to Get Them

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Where to Get Them

2018 Feb 9

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and men certainly require as much pampering as women do. So here’s some cute stuff for your boo!

1. Crafts from Shoelace Studio

Terrible with crafts? No need to fear!

You can browse through their Instagram page and they have a range of options to chose from but they truly are your fairy godmother of gifts. Send them a picture, run an idea past them, and they’ll tell you how they can execute it or send them a Pin from Pinterest and they’ll make it happen. They’re popular for their string-art- your S.O loves Harley Quinn, they’ll make her come to life, favorite quote/movie/symbol/date, their vibrant wall-art will do, or if you want something for their bedside, their customizable lamps are both personal and illuminating.

Instagram: shoelace_studio
Facebook: @shoelacestudio

2. Stationery from Colourpress Stationery (LKR 1000 and upwards)

Less creative, more practical?

They do a range of journals and planners that are above and beyond useful. Their 2018 planners are by-far my favorite – every division your S.O could possibly need to organize his hectic life, (including making time for you) is included- it’s your organizational app come to life. The covers are simple and can be customized to get his name on it, but this is a bit disproportionately pricey to the aesthetic of the lettering, writing his name on it with a marker yourself might be a better option, or even leave the cov-er as it is and preserve its minimalistic vibe. But if you want everything done, they’ll get everything done! You can customize the first page to include a quote or a message; they’ll also do the packaging and fill the box with confetti.

Instagram: colourpress_stationery

3. Customized Items from Flutterby Ink

Their wall-art is relatively similar to Shoelace Studio’s but their USP is their quilling. They make name boards, figures, symbols, absolutely anything in the medium of quilling art and little butterflies! But their best-seller is perhaps their mugs, and with good reason. The mug is relatively large and isn’t a generic short mug – there’s an aesthetic appeal to it that just can’t be explained! They print on pink, red, black and white mugs, using gold, black, white, silver text and the quality is prime. We all want our S.O to think about us during their morning tea/coffee fix, here’s one way to remind them to!

In addition, if you two have tons of pictures together, and cutting and pasting just isn’t your thing, they have it handled. They do mini photo frames according to a color scheme and border design of your choice. But they don’t stop there, need simplistic decor to take your date at home to the next level? They make rosettes that you can use for backdrops.

Instagram: flutterbyink
Facebook: @Flutterbyink

4. Watches from MVMT (LKR 17,000 – 33,000)

Classy, practical, sleek – all in one box.

They sell individual watches but their Valentine’s Day gift guide is ideal. It’s an investment but it’s also a package deal- the Icon Box includes a watch, sunglasses and an interchangeable strap and their quality is renowned. The boxes vary from 17k-33k and they deliver to Sri Lanka!

Instagram: mvmt
Facebook: @MVMT

5. Collective figures from Collectique & Red Dot Geek (LKR 1,600 upwards)

Collectique – For all your action figure needs, this is the place to go. Comics, statues and die-cast model cars galore, Collectique has every geek’s wishlist. Their aesthetic hits the mark but quality is guaranteed too – with the dealership of NECA (action figures), Prime one studios (statues), CMC (model cars) Unique & Limited (Fine art automotive prints) and +30 internationally renowned brands so the in-vestment is worth it. If you can’t decide what he’d like from their diverse range you can alternative-ly get him a membership at the store that has perks including tickets to movie premieres and special discounts. Also, if you’re reading this and its February 13th do not fear- they deliver within a day around Colombo and within 48 hours island-wide. Their action figures start from Rs.1600 and go up to Sixth Scale Figure Hot Toys of Rs.34,000 so they cater to diverse needs and diverse budgets.

Instagram: collectiquesl
Facebook: @collectiquesl

RDG is less popular for their action figures and more renowned for their comic book collection and posters. You can also get your geeky-boo a gift voucher if you’re alien to his world of myth and fiction.

Instagram: reddotgeek
Facebook: @reddotgeek

6. Personalized accessories from Feather Project (LKR 600 upwards)

Personalized accessories are their forté and their cute jewelry items make the perfect V Day gift. We often avoid buying jewelry for the men in our life because we seldom find anything ‘masculine’ enough that won’t burn a hole through our pockets, but Feather Project is the ideal solution for the most affordable prices. Matching bracelets with your names and a special date or a quote, chevron necklaces with customized pendants, keychains, anchor paracord/ bar bracelets are bohemian, romantic and gender neutral!

Instagram: featherproject
Facebook: @featherprojectlk

7. Crafts from Sarala by Namali (LKR 200 upward)

You know those DIY gifts on Pinterest that you would love to DIY but you just can’t DIY…
Here’s you answer! If you want to keep it light and quirky, they’re popular for their cute ‘punny’ matchbox crafts and personalized greeting cards. A package of 6 boxes is Rs.1000 and one box individually is just Rs.200. Their newest addition is also oh-so-desirable and might be the best gift if you and your S.O have travel plans for the future and need to save money ASAP- their shadowbox for Rs.3000 is motivating and makes a great table top!

Instagram: saralabynamali
Facebook: SaralaByNamali

8. DIYs

To the minority who is artistically talented and equally devoted to their boyfriends, first, round of applause, second, here are some ideas for DIYs.

The 365 Day Jar is a classic gift and its conventionality doesn’t take away from its meaningfulness or sentimentality. Color code notes according to favorite quote/song lyric, memory, something you love about them, etc. A quick tip if you’re lazy or short of time is to make it a 183 Day Jar so they have to open a note every other day as opposed to every day. A little 24 hour anticipation is good right?

Another DIY is the Card Pack, we all have old Disney card packs or UNO cards lying around of which most of the set is missing so reuse! Paste a picture on one side of the card and a reason you love them or a message to them on the other side, so the card pack gathering dust transforms into a card pack of your best memories which he can browse through whenever.

‘Open When’ letters are another romantic and sentimental option, particularly if you’re one with words and/or you and your S.O are doing long-distance. There’s a range of occasions from ‘when you receive this’ to ‘when you’re feeling down’ to ‘when you’re angry at me’ and you can put your own twist to it. It can be a letter, a food coupon, a movie to watch, a song to listen to, sweets, pictures, but this is truly a tear-jerking gift!

9. Clothes/socks from Bear Appeal (LKR 1100 upwards)

They’ve taken both Instagram and our wardrobes by storm and their t-shirts and socks are as comfy as a bear hug so they do their name justice! Their products range from boxer briefs to V-neck t-shirts, crew necks, socks and long-sleeves. Bear Appeal offers the basic colors of black, grey, white but also vibrant but modest colors to add a little color to your life! They offer 3/5/7 packs and the deal is ultimately thrifty. So if you want your S.O to be comfy this Valentine’s Day and every day after, Bear Appeal is your go-to!

Instagram: bearappeal
Facebook: @bearappeal

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