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Types of People at Work in Light of COVID-19

2020 Jun 22


With the ease of the curfew laws in Sri Lanka, most of us are compelled to bid adieu to the ‘work from home’ phase. I know, no more stumbling upon #WFH hashtags on social media in the middle of the night, folks. And no more attending zoom call meetings with shorts on (wasn’t it such a mood?).

After coming to work for a week or two, we started to notice that there are different types of people displaying different behaviour, within the workplace in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. Get ready to relate!


  • The germaphobes  



The germaphobes need no special introduction. You’ll spot them sanitizing their hands, their phone, their laptop and literally every single item that is within a range of 1 meter around them. They will not leave their desk without wearing their mask and as soon as they go home, they will be washing their mask-like their life depended on it (technically, it does). The germaphobe’s worst nightmare is having to use the office bathroom and if they do, you’ll see them looking like they saw Mohini when they come out. It’s safe to say that the germophobes would be the only ones from the group who would probably not contract the virus (if the virus does spread to the workplace that they work in).



  • The ‘let’s annoy the germaphobes’ gang



We all know that colleague who’s amusement is based off on another person’s misery. They love to annoy the germaphobes and will showcase all the lighthearted pranks and jokes that they have stored up their sleeve and stirs up laughter among all the other colleagues, in true Lankan fashion. You could find them throwing random stuff on the table towards the germaphobes, attempt to drink from their water bottle and laugh at the way they freak out. This may not be the best experience for germaphobes, taking the mini heart attacks into consideration, but they also end up laughing and having a good time, nevertheless. 



  • The ‘amma’ of the group



This colleague is easily identifiable, as they voluntarily take responsibility for the safety of the entire group. You could spot them reminding everyone to sanitize their hands, to wear their masks and to wash their hands whenever a sink is in the vicinity. That’s not all, no. They will be a walking alarm clock to make sure that their colleagues actually do as they are told. If someone avoids sanitizing their hands when they are reminded to, they will not stop reminding them until they actually do it. 



  • The ‘I couldn’t care less’ squad



The pandemic isn’t over yet, but these colleagues are automatically wired to forget that everything has not gone back to normal. They won’t remember to wear their masks every time they go out, they won’t remember to wash their hands or sanitize, they don’t mind sharing their food and the utensils they bring from home, giving the germaphobes quite the headache. Interestingly enough, the memes on their phone are also predominantly about the coronavirus and the circumstances that have occurred due to the outbreak of the pandemic. However, even though they might be careless about the safety precautions that we should remember to follow, they do listen and follow the advice given by the ‘Amma’ of the group. 



  • The one that’s not over the work from home phase


These colleagues are the ones who feel like their lives have turned upside down ever since the work from home phase ended. You could easily spot them complaining about the struggle of waking up in the morning, how reluctant they are to get used to the Lankan traffic again and how getting back into a routine is dreadful for them. They also never miss the opportunity to sprint home as soon as working hours are over (or as their workload for the day is completed) because they’re still not used to maintaining a long-distance relationship with their bed. 



  • The ‘Api yang bomu’ gang



These colleagues are the epitome of ‘extroverts’ and who very much missed their Friday night drinking sessions with their set eka. And now that restaurants and bars are opening up gradually, they are more than eager to hype the rest of the colleagues up and convince them to accompany them for a drink. And they’ll usually start the drinking session with “just one beer, guys” and end up finishing two beer towers, two bottles of arrack and three rounds of shots. You could spot them around the office, hungover, on most days of the week and also laughing over all the cringy, embarrassing and funny drunk memories that had happened the night before. 



  • The hugger



This is the colleague who’s like a walking carebear. They are bubbly, they’re always smiling and they are absolute suckers for hugs. No, this is not the formal cheek-to-cheek hug, this is the largest, tightest bear hug and it lasts for a minimum 5-10 seconds. And needless to say, they are very good at them as well. You will for sure also spot the germaphobes either running away from the hugger or looking like they are suffocating in the embrace of the hugger. 



  • The ‘in denial’ crowd 



These are colleagues that you rarely come across, who are walking hazards to themselves and to others around them. They are completely oblivious to all the events that have been occurring for the past three months, not just in Sri Lanka, but across the entire world. They either believe that the Coronavirus pandemic has come to an end or they believe that the coronavirus was never a ‘big deal’ in the first place (because it cannot be seen to the naked eye). You could easily spot them in a constant argument with the other colleagues (especially the germaphobes, since they’re usually very thorough with their scientific facts) and still refusing to change their minds, no matter how much their colleagues try to talk some sense into them. If you ever come across someone who falls into the ‘in denial’ crowd, it might be best to keep a massive distance from them, for your own safety. 


And there you have it! Did we miss anyone that you might have noticed at your workplace? If so, let us know in the comments below! Before we end this article, here’s another friendly reminder from team Pulse to continue following the safety regulations, in order to prioritize your safety as well as others around you.