Everything else.. Top 10 Cafés to Work and Study in Colombo

Top 10 Cafés to Work and Study in Colombo

2018 Oct 9

As of late, many cafés seem to be propping up in Colombo ranging from artsy coffee shops to cafes which promote health and nutrition to high-end lifestyle cafés. However, finding a café with the perfect working/studying environment can be quite a hassle.

Therefore, we’ve put together the following list of cafes (in no particular order) based on quietness, accommodating staff, power outlets, WiFi connections and affordability so that the next time you want to escape your monotonous or stressful study routine or work ethic, you can take your pick and thank us later!

1. Hansa Coffee
Probably the most affordable café on the list, Hansa Coffee is a very comfy café with good WiFi and power outlets so that you can plug in your laptop and relax in its cozy setting. Even though it is small in size and not ideal for group sessions, it is great for those souls who work best alone. However, Hansa Coffee could get crowded during peak hours so be warned.

Specialty – affordable

2. London House of Coffee
With its ample seating and quiet atmosphere, London House of Coffee has a great ambience for people looking for a silent place to work. Their prices are regular coffee house prices and their menu is not much but they do really great coffees and milkshakes, so be sure to check those out! They are open till 12am but tend to close early on some days so do check in before you go! The staff is quite friendly too!

Specialty – peaceful ambience

3. Black Cat Café
Even though some of the items on their menu are quite pricey, Black Cat Café does offer some affordable options as well. Their WiFi is great and you are bound to find at least one person working on a laptop whenever you go. However, their plug points seem to be limited to certain seats which may prove to be an issue. Also, it can get noisy during peak hours, so non-peak hours would be your best bet.

Specialty – good WiFi

4. Barista Lavazza
Being the biggest coffee shop franchise in Colombo with their many outlets, Barista had to be on this list. They have outlets in Bambalapitiya, WTC, Stratford Avenue (Colombo 6), Thummulla, and Nelum Pokuna Mawatha, basically covering your bustling easy-to-locate areas in Colombo, not to mention their outlets out of Colombo. They have regular coffee house prices here and make really good cheesecakes so get yourself a slice as a reward for finally getting some work done.

Specialty – several branches

5. E-Café
As its name denotes, E-Café aims to create the ideal setting for people to be able to concentrate and focus with no disturbances. They actually have booths accompanied by plug points making it the perfect café for workaholics or study buddies. Ample space is available and their quick service heightens the overall experience. They have usual coffeehouse prices as well, although we’re not big fans of their menu, and allow long stays for those long study sessions accompanied by their good WiFi.

Specialty – plenty of power outlets

6. The Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf
On the high end of this list due to its expensive menu, Coffee Bean is another café with fast WiFi and soothing music. The Colombo 7 outlet located down Maitland Crescent being the more popular outlet is open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays so this would be the ideal café for those of you who work/study better past 12am and are willing to spend an extra buck.

Specialty – open till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays

7. Caramel Pumpkin
While it is spacious and comfy with many segregated areas to the café, Caramel Pumpkin also has an extensive menu with delicacies sure to get you motivated to get some work done. Group study sessions or brain storming gatherings can be held because it is spacious and lively. It isn’t too affordable but this is yet again another cafe with regular coffeehouse prices and their dishes are well worth the price! Their WiFi is pretty good too!

Specialty – extensive menu

8. Tea Avenue
The Barnes Place outlet, being their first and most popular cafe, has incorporated various concepts in its aesthetic setting. With a room for business meetings, Tea Avenue also aims to create a comfortable ambience for those who come to study/work. Their staff deserves a special mention for beign well versed with the menu and being super friendly. Their tea is exquisite with various flavours to choose from so that you can get your work done with a nice hot cuppa.

Specialty – accommodating staff

9. Café Sociale
As the name suggests, even though this café aims to promote social gatherings, it also inadvertently sets the mood for anyone who wants to study or work on their own as well. Plug points? Check. Affordable coffee? Check. Good food? Check. Free WiFi? Check. The location is also perfect for business meetings because it is very roomy! Prices are worth it because their portions are quite hefty.

Specialty – ideal for group study/work sessions

10. Java Lounge
Another coffee shop franchise, Java Lounge, offers 5 outlets in Colombo: Bamabalapitiya, Jawatte, Barnes Place, Fort and Colombo 2 (Mobitel Head Office). Their opening times differ though, so do check before you drop in. Our favourite is the new Barnes Place outlet because it is spacious, peaceful and quiet with only soothing music playing in the background but this changes from time to time so be sure to take earphones just in case.

Specialty – spacious

So there you have it Colombo, a specially curated list on the top 10 cafes to work or study in Colombo!

Are there any cafes we missed out? Do let us know in the comments!


Cover image courtesy: Java Lounge


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