Everything else.. Tips on Spending Avurudu Differently This Year

Tips on Spending Avurudu Differently This Year

2020 Apr 12


‘Suba Aluth Avuruddak Wewa’ is one of the phrases that stands very close to our hearts, as Sri Lankans. The Sinhalese and Tamil New Year, better known as Avurudu, has a magnificent cultural significance for us. Avurudu is a holiday that we all look forward to every year, and it means something different to each and every one of us. The very essence of Avurudu signifies togetherness, vibrance, prosperity and new beginnings. 

As much as it is unfortunate that Avurudu is not a celebratory holiday this year due to the prevailing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we should still strive to keep the spirit of Avurudu alive, as it has been for so many generations. The Sinhalese and Tamil New Year is a huge aspect of the Sri Lankan culture, that brings so much positivity and light into our lives. Even though we won’t be able to carry out the usual avurudu traditions like; visiting your relatives, spending time with your grandparents and of course the avurudu games, we can dive deep into what avurudu really means to us and we can work towards creating a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. Hence, we’ve rounded up a few ways that you can keep the spirit of Avurudu 2020 alive at home, in a meaningful manner. 

We also went on our social media platforms and asked all of you what Avurudu means to you, keeping the celebratory aspect of the holiday aside. Here are some of the many responses that we received. 



Self reflect and get to know yourself better
Avurudu is all about new beginnings and enhancing our lifestyles. Self-reflection is a great way to understand yourself better. We can all agree that we are all complex in our unique ways and sometimes, it takes time for us to comprehend our very own complexities.  Self reflection will help you recognise your strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, talents, interests and your personality traits; and help you distinguish the qualities in you that you want to improve, in order for you to be the best version of yourself everyday. You could also take time to reflect on your short term and long term goals and make step-by-step plans on how you are going to achieve them. Being confined to our houses for weeks could easily make us lose motivation, but reminding yourself of how far you’ve already come and how you are on the path of achieving all your goals will help in bringing that spark of passion back. 


Get in touch with your spirituality
It’s a no brainer that at any given time, our lives are full of hustle. Usually, even during the Avurudu season, we are busy with buying avurudu gifts for our relatives and cousins, cleaning the house and planning avurudu celebrations with our extended family members. Since the celebrations are on hold this year, we have extra time on our hands to explore our spirituality and our religious beliefs. We can spend some time to learn more about our religious and spiritual beliefs and reflect on the impact our spiritual beliefs has on our lives. 


Work on making your life prosperous

Image Source: https://www.goalcast.com/2017/12/08/5-things-learned-about-success-jack-canfield/

Avurudu is the embodiment of prosperity and success, and there are many ways that we can work towards filling our lives with positivity, amidst times that predominantly promote negativity. We can work on improving the mental health difficulties that we are facing, by being self aware and by reaching out to professionals for added help. We can work towards distancing ourselves with toxic people in our lives, whether it be toxic friends, partners or even some family/extended family members, to minimise the negative impact they may have in our lives. We can reflect on the career paths that we are on currently, and work towards establishing ourselves in the industry we want to be in. It is easy for us to be stuck in an industry that we don’t want to be in, due to societal pressures, but it is important that you are working towards building a career that you want to have, without anybody else’s input. We can use this time to take up a new hobby, teach ourselves something we always wanted to learn but never got around to. By doing things that will constantly make you happy, it will be much easier for us to lead a fulfilled life. 




Building family ties

Image Source: https://www.childandfamilymentalhealth.com/families-and-society/the-value-of-family-meetings/

As Avurudu is all about togetherness and celebrating our close-knit culture, and specially since all the family members are home due to the curfew that is imposed, you could take the time to resolve any prevailing issues, any tension that you are facing as a family. You could gather all your family members together and express your thoughts and feelings, encourage your family members to share what they are going through as well and work towards rectifying any problems that are prevalent currently. This will give you an idea of the hardships that your family members are going through and will bring your family even closer together, because at the end of the day, family comes first. 

Play traditional Avurudu games with your family! 

This Avurudu season is all about being grateful for what we have. It’s important that we use this time to cherish all the small things in our lives – including our family members. Grab your family and join in on our #AvuruduAtHomeChallenge. This is a fun, and simple way to get out of your quarantine blues and enjoy a simple New Year with your immediate family.

  • Kotta Pora (pillow fight)
  • Lime and spoon race – Place a spoon in your mouth and put a lime on it. RUN!
  • Feed someone blind-folded -Remember how our ammas used to chase behind us with plates of food? Lets put her skills to the test with this quick and easy game!
  • Feeding a stray animal on the road – Be a part of our #feedananimalchallenge!

Don’t forget to tag @Pulse.lk when you try out any of these challenges!


Try different avurudu kavili recipes 

Image Source: https://www.sundayobserver.lk/2019/04/07/spotlight/rasa-kavili-sweet-delights-april

Avurudu kavili are heavily cultural, and might I add, absolutely divine delicacies that has been passed from generations to generations. And sometimes, different families will have recipes of different variations of the avurudu kavili that we all know and love, passed down by their grandparents. Since we usually don’t get to spend a lot of time making avurudu kavili due to the hustle that comes with the avurudu season, you can now try to make some of these sweet treats with your family, as means of spending time with your family and also to keep the spirit of avurudu alive. 

Visit http://www.pulse.lk/tag/avurudu-recipes/ for some yummy Avurudu recipes!




Donating essential items and clothes to vulnerable communities

Image Source: http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Sri-Lankan-students-deliver-275-food-packages-to-flood-victims-44119.html

Since avurudu also stands for positivity and good deeds, donating essential dry rations and food items, clothes that are in good condition but are not in use and other essential items to maintain hygiene like sanitary napkins, toothpaste, soap can be donated to families who are struggling without access to proper resources during this time. You could visit this article and read on how you could donate and other organisations that are donating to vulnerable communities, if you are willing and able to make donations. 


Planting a tree
Since the environment is already healing itself, planting a tree (or two) not only cleanses the environment and symbolises growth but is also beneficial for yourself and those around you. Living in a heavily industrialised age, having clean air to breathe as well as nutritious fruits and vegetables (without toxic substances) comes as a privilege these days. Check out the Avurudu Litha below to plant your tree at the auspicious time. 

Even though the Coronavirus has made a significant negative impact on all our lives, we must not let it ruin the positivity, vibrance and light that comes with the avurudu season. Instead, let’s use the time that we have been given to enhance our lives in many different ways. Until next time, stay indoors, stay safe and suba aluth avuruddak wewa!