Everything else.. Sri Lankans are Selling $6 Australian Passion Pop for $60 a Bottle

Sri Lankans are Selling $6 Australian Passion Pop for $60 a Bottle

2018 Apr 19

When Australian journalist Nick Bond entered a fine-dining restaurant on our little island, little did he know that what he would find on its menu would leave him racking up impressive amounts of attention from gobsmacked Australians on Twitter and Reddit.

If there’s one well-known Australian underage teenager’s (and adult’s!) guilty pleasure, it’s Passion Pop. The iconic beverage is responsible for ultimate killer hangovers and the most priceless of memories worldwide- and did I mention, all this goodness for the price of $6? Needless to say, this incredibly sweet, cheap sparkling wine has become a rite of passage of sorts for Australians.

Precisely why people are going crazy over Bond’s recent discovery.

Our esteemed establishments seem to be dishing out this cheap yet sinfully addictive bottle at the price of $60 a bottle to its classy customers. That’s LKR 7,500! A near criminal offense to Aussies who can get it for a few bucks. But of course, it gets better. The wine, described with the line “loaded with soft, approachable passion fruit sweetness of Australia” has hit the nail on the head in becoming the butt of all jokes.

Soft, approachable and sweet- of course! … Until it comes back up a few hours later..

His posts have garnered plenty of attention and responses to muster up a chuckle. Check out all the replies here!

“Approachable passion fruit? The only thing approachable after drinking passion pop was the nearest bush after sculling a bottle at lunchtime in college.”

“I love the idea of some swanky travellers ordering it and having the waiter theatrically pour out a sip for them to taste though.”

For those of you that haven’t come across it, here’s what a bottle of Passion Pop looks like!

Needless to say, Sri Lanka has certainly put Passion Pop on the spot and the Aussies are certainly taking it in stride!


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