Everything else.. Sri Lankan Pizza Franchise Owner Helps the Less Fortunate

Sri Lankan Pizza Franchise Owner Helps the Less Fortunate

2020 May 12


Marco’s Pizza is an American restaurant chain and interstate franchise based in Toledo, Ohio, which is run by Marco’s Franchising, LLC. They specialise in Italian-American cuisine and have been growing immensely since their launch. Their first store was launched in Oregon, Ohio on Starr Avenue. It was initiated by an Italian immigrant Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco in 1978. As of now, Marco’s Pizza exceeds over 1000 outlets in 34 states across the US and Puerto Rico, and outside the continent as well as the Bahamas, and India.



Today, we will be taking a closer look at one particular franchise outlet; Marco’s pizza of The Colony, North Texas. It has come to our attention that the outlet has become victim to burglary at the hands of two individuals. As per NBCDFW, one of Texas’ and also America’s most reliable news sources, the colony has been facing adversities due to a string of robberies since of late. Many have come to conclusions that the ongoing tragic Pandemic might be the root cause for most of these burglaries, as many people are struggling for survival.


Mr. Chamal Kahanawita, owner of Marco’s pizza, The Colony, North Texas outlet stated, ‘the thieves didn’t steal much because we didn’t have much to begin with.’ Nevertheless, Mr. Kahanawita would rather tread water lightly than drown in it.

Therefore, instead of self-pity over the misfortune that he has been faced with, he has decided to turn it around to help those in need. This pandemic has brought inevitable calamities to most people around the world. Families, businesses, students and most individuals, in general, are all experiencing a rather stressful period emotionally and even financially. Mr. Kahanawita has taken a step forward, a step towards humanity, to be compassionate and empathetic regarding the burglary, given the circumstances. “They don’t have to go out and do something they normally wouldn’t do just to provide for their family,” Mr.Kahanawita has stated.



Consequently, he mentioned how he had come to the realization that desperate times call for desperate measures, and the world today is facing a rather challenging condition. Hence, the generous franchisee is trying to light a candle in the darkness by assuring his assistance, by giving away free meals to anyone struggling with poverty.



The COVID-19 tragedy has not only caused a setback in people’s financial status but has largely affected the basic daily needs of individuals. Therefore, Mr. Kahanawita has made it possible for those less fortunate to drop by for a free meal. The children who used to receive a free meal from their schools are given an opportunity to stop by for a free meal, as they may now be facing difficulties with the schools being shut down. He has also mentioned that if any individual feels embarrassed to ask for a free meal, the manager will handle it quietly for them.

This particular incident should be considered an inspiration to all of us, as it emphasizes how humanity always comes first. Amidst these catastrophic times, people can either turn on each other or be selfless and bring out the best in themselves. As challenging and strenuous as it is, showing a little empathy and compassion towards anyone can be the key to holding the peace, given the circumstances. Mr. Kahanawita is one such example, despite having to face his own financial difficulties; he has managed to help out in his own way.

This is just another example to make it a little clearer that now is the time to come together even though we are being kept apart. Therefore, let’s use this as an opportunity to look out for one another. We wish this team all the success in the world!


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