Everything else.. Six Types of Girls in your Group of Friends

Six Types of Girls in your Group of Friends

2016 Jun 13

by Vandana Hiranand

Whether you go to school, college or work, every Sri Lankan girl has at some point had, or currently has, a group of girlfriends she absolutely cannot survive without. When the dynamics are right, this group can be the best thing about your life, no matter how much drama they may induce from time to time.

Every Sri Lankan group of girls tends to have a few types that are almost always present. Let’s examine 6 of those below.

  1. The Mother

This girl acts as the sensible backbone for your whole group. Basically, she’s the reason you aren’t all rotting away in a prison cell yet. She acts as the mother of the group, and is easily the most approachable. You go to her with all your problems and you simply know she will give you the best advice possible. Whether your parents are being too annoying, or your boyfriend has just sent you the stupidest text possible, she’s going to scroll through those screenshots and give you the most honest advice. She tends to be the person whose house everyone always crashes, because she most likely lives at the centre of everything, (somewhere in Dehiwala, probably.) Basically, without her, your group would probably cease to exist.

  1. The Boy Crazy One

The queen of flirtation is always present in any group of girls. She gets overly excited at the presence of any cute guys in the vicinity. She’s the one who sometimes gets carried away and ditches you and your friends to talk with a potential boyfriend. But don’t worry; she will always come back to you in the end. No matter what, she does have her priorities sorted. Hers is the Instagram feed with the most guys, and you have definitely used her Facebook to stalk attractive boys and, let’s face it, sometimes their girlfriends, too. Whenever you meet up, it’s always entertaining because she has another juicy story to relate. And at parties, it’s all you can do to stop her getting carried away with the random guy she’s started dancing with.

  1. The Exceptionally Talented One

This girl can basically do anything she sets her mind to. If they invent a new sport tomorrow, she’d already have mastered it yesterday. She is the girl whose Facebook profile blows up every time she posts a picture. Because, guess what? She’s even talented at posing for those. Whether it’s baking, playing sports, or being artistic, she can do it all. She’s probably the girl all her social media friends are jealous of, and you definitely get people asking you about your Extremely Talented Friend who ‘baked that cake’ and ‘won that competition’. But you love it, because you’re always there to support her and she is, in turn, the most supportive friend on the planet.

  1. The Nice, Sweet One

This girl is the epitome of sweet, caring and friendly. She rarely has anything indecent to say about anybody, and will always focus on the good characteristics a person has. That is, until your demonic group of friends started spending too much time with her and now, she’s sometimes just as bad as the rest of you. The girl who never used to swear is now prattling off curse words daily. Even so, she is still the most caring person in your whole group and will always, without a doubt, make you feel better about yourself. She has definitely made you all feel bad at least once, when your group is busy gossiping about someone and she reminds you all to try and be nice.

  1. The Crazy Adventurous One

She’s the girl who is always down for adventure. You know all those crazy stories and experiences your group has together, the ones that would probably land you in jail or even the psychiatric ward? She is the reason behind them all. Half your stories begin with something insane this girl decided to do. At school, she was the most loved, mainly because of all the mayhem she caused. Whether it’s chasing after a train on those crowded Colombo platforms, or pretending to be your lesbian girlfriend so that the creepy guy at the bar stops hitting on you, she will never say no. if you hang out with her, you won’t experience a single dull moment in your life, that’s for sure.

  1. The Creative One

She is as artistic as the rest of your group combined. This girl is a master at anything creative and her birthday cards for you can probably be displayed in a museum. These are the same cards everyone at school used to gush and cry over, because they were just that beautiful. And you are lucky enough to even own some of her masterpieces. She can write, draw, paint and even create that impossible craft which Pinterest said ‘anybody could do’ (and we all know Pinterest always lies). Everyone is always stunned by anything she makes and this girl is definitely as creative as anyone can get.

If you have ever had a gaggle of girlfriends, then you can definitely relate to at least a few of the ones on this list. If you closely observe any group of Sri Lankan girls from now on, I guarantee you will notice a ton of similarities. And if, by some lucky coincidence, you have found all these girls and have created the ultimate group, well then, get ready to take over the world, because absolutely nothing can stop you now.