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Share the Temptation

2018 Mar 28

‘Tea Time’ is a concept that has been ingrained into our routines as a social and communal experience for as long as we all can remember, with us Sri Lankans consuming our favorite brews every morning and every evening without fail. It is now almost a ritual of sorts that everyone partakes in, and looks forward to, sharing the occasional biscuits and other sweet meats to complete the shared experience, regardless of where you are – at home, at work, or at university, every Lankan needs their daily fix. The Tea Time culture in offices is particularly eventful in the sense that it brings people closer together, to appreciate and enjoy not only the delicious brews that our country has to offer, but the company of our fellow colleagues as well.

An ideal biscuit to be consumed during Tea Time is the Maliban Real Temptation Coffee Biscuits that is synonymous with sharing, caring and friendship. Available in leading supermarkets, Real Temptation is easy to acquire, consume, as well as share. The biscuit has a sun-baked crust enveloping the purest of smooth coffee cream on the inside. The textures and flavors involved in the product are unlike any other and are delectable beyond measure.

Not much has changed over the years with regards to every Sri Lankan’s communal Tea Time experience except our more refined palettes. Most of us now prefer warm coffee over traditional tea and delicious biscuits over old fashioned kavum but one thing will always remain the same – we will always prefer a shared Tea Time experience.

Your morning and evenings can be made that much better with a luscious pack of Real Temptation, so what are you waiting for? Don’t be afraid to indulge!


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