Everything else.. Scholar X – a Mentorship Platform for Undergrads

Scholar X – a Mentorship Platform for Undergrads

2020 Mar 21


ScholarX, one of four flagship programmes coordinated and executed by the Sustainable Education Foundation, provides a mentorship platform for undergraduate students in Sri Lanka. It allows students to connect with industry experts and academics involved with top universities in the world in addition to extremely impactful companies and start-ups. ScholarX aims to create a community of shared ideas within student communities in Sri Lanka by liaising the exchange of information between mentors and students. 


The Mentors

This year’s cohort of volunteer mentors includes 17 mentors experienced in a broad spectrum of expertise ranging from medicine, to arts, to engineering and many other fields. A large majority of mentors are engaged in postgraduate education at institutions such as Harvard, MIT and U of T, while others work for companies such as Google, NVIDIA and Oracle.


Why ScholarX?

ScholarX gives students the opportunity to further their academic and professional goals ,guided by the advice of their mentors while building their soft skills and increasing hireability within the global market. Student testimonies from the previous installment of ScholarX reflect on the fact that the programme allowed for subject-specific guidance, improved quality of resume writing, provided information on starting and pursuing research, and allowed mentees to build and develop leadership qualities. 


How to Apply?

Applications for this year’s instalment of the ScholarX programme are now open and will close on 14th April 2020. The application form consists of a series of questions regarding your field of study, extracurricular experience and interest in the programme, curated to provide the best possible match between mentors and mentees. 

Mentor information and areas of expertise are published on the SEF website and social media. Students will be asked to pick their top three choices in mentors and will be assigned to selected mentors based on these choices as well as the relative strength of their application.

To apply please click here




01/03/2020Applications open
14/04/2020Applications close
21/04/2020 – 30/04/2020Selection of mentees
01/05/2020 – 08/05/2020Mentor-mentee introductions
14/05/2020Official start date of ScholarX
14/08/2020Mid-Programme Evaluation
14/11/2020End of programme


Contact Information

For more information on the application process as well as detailed bios on all the mentors for this year, please visit their website.

For any questions about the programme, please get in touch with Saumiyaa Pathmarajah at sustainableedufoundation@gmail.com or shoot them a message on Facebook!



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