Everything else.. Round Up of Disinfection Services and Places that Sell Sanitization Products

Round Up of Disinfection Services and Places that Sell Sanitization Products

2020 May 13


Now that curfew regulations are more relaxed in Sri Lanka and people are starting to go out more often than before, maintaining a clean environment in homes and offices when people are out and about, is a cause for concern. Pulse is here to calm your doubts and fears, for we have rounded up a list of places that provide disinfecting services as well as places that sells sanitization products, for your convenience!







George Steuart HealthGeorge Steuart Health is ready to provide you with 3 ply disposable surgical masks and accurate Infrared thermometers, to help you keep your health and safety in check. Their disposable surgical masks contain 3 layers of optimum protection, making it dustproof and water repellant. They provide attractive rates for bulk purchases, and the masks are available in boxes of 50. 

The infrared thermometer gives you an accurate temperature measurement, without the need for the device to come in contact with the person it’s reading. The thermometer is priced at LKR 15,900 with 2 years of warranty. They also provide free delivery services for the thermometer. 

Do contact the following numbers to place your orders for the aforementioned products:

3 ply disposable surgical masks – 077 767 0708 (Sanjaya)
Infrared thermometer – 077 766 6814 (Ravishka) or 077 739 0421 (Thushantha) 

Visit their website and Facebook page to obtain more information and to stay tuned for further updates. 


George Steuart Laboratories (PVT) Ltd.

Sterill Sanitizers are here to help you keep yourself and your surroundings clean and germ-free! They have the following products to suit your every need, as per the descriptions below:

  1. Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel (50ml / 300ml) – Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral hand sanitizers that are made out of olive oil to keep your hands moisturized and consists of 70% alcohol, to keep your hands clean and safe. 
  2. Alcoholic Hand Rub (5L) – Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral hand rub that consists of 70% alcohol. It moisturizes your hands while keeping it clean and safe. 
  3. Sanitizing Spray (5L) – Can be used on people and on soft surfaces. An anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral solution consisting of 70% alcohol for fast action. 
  4. Surface Sanitizer (5L) – Suitable to be used on countertops, tabletops and chairs. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral solution that does not consist of bleaching agents and it’s non-flammable. 
  5. Outdoor Sanitizer (5L) – Consists of bleaching agents in order to be used on outdoor surfaces and rough surfaces like pavings, roads and walls. Non-flammable. 

You can call them on 077 794 9440, 077 739 0421 or 077 789 6334 to place your orders. Do visit https://sterill.lk/ for more information.


Amami Amami is here to provide you with two different ‘office packs’ to keep you safe and germ-free during your work hours! The details of the two packs are as below:

Pack 1 (LKR 600) – One set of gloves, one disposable mask, one 50ml Spraynitizer (sanitizing spray), one 50ml hand wash, one 50ml hand sanitizer, one wet tissue single-use pack. 

Pack 2 (LKR 1000) – Five sets of gloves, five disposable masks, one 50ml Spraynitizer (sanitizing spray), one 50ml hand wash, one 50ml hand sanitizer, five wet tissue single-use packs. 

They are delivering to the following areas: Colombo 1-15, Peliyagoda, Ganemulla, Kelaniya, Kandana, Kiribathgoda, Ragama, Kadawatha, Wattala, Ratmalana. You can contact them on 076 197 8989 (Gayan) and 075 690 2799 (Dulaj) to place your orders. Do check their Facebook Page out for more information and for updates on more products.


Friendly.lk is providing you with essential safety equipment inclusive of 3 ply surgical face masks, N95 face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and much more, for you to be able to maintain good hygiene. Face masks are available to purchase in boxes of 50. 

Delivery to your doorstep is available and delivery charges depending on the areas of delivery may apply. Do call them up on 076 473 1755 to place your orders. Visit their Facebook Page to obtain more information and to stay tuned to upcoming updates. 


Safety.lk is providing an essential safety pack comprising of 1 Dreamron handwash (500ml), 1 Dreamron hand sanitizer (100ml), 1 Sanitizer spray (500ml) and 5 reusable face masks, at LKR 1800.

They deliver their products to areas included in the Colombo district, at a delivery charge of LKR 150. Cash on delivery payments are accepted. You could call them up or WhatsApp them on 070 333 0343 to place your orders. Stay tuned to their Facebook Page for further information and updates.



Healthguard is offering a safety bundle comprising of 10 surgical face masks, 2 bottles of hand sanitizers, 20 tablets of XON-CE (Vitamin C), 1 box of Samahan and 1 Clogard mouth wash (200 ml), priced at LKR 1970.

They have also designed other bundles for wellness, first aid and oral care, for your added convenience. You can place your orders via their website https://www.healthguard.lk/ and stay tuned to their Facebook Page for further updates.



Wasi.lk provides 3 PLY surgical face masks that are locally produced and imported, in boxes of 100 pcs. They also provide other products like hand wash, hand sanitizer and Dettol antiseptic liquid, in order for you to maintain optimum cleanliness and hygiene.

They also provide islandwide deliveries, right to your doorstep. You could visit http://www.wasi.lk to place your orders. Do stay tuned to their Facebook Page for upcoming updates.


Arpico SupercentreArpico Supercentre provides Infrared body thermometers that measure individuals temperature levels, without the need for the device to come in contact with the person. The thermometer also comprises of a storage memory, that stores up to 100 readings.

Priced at LKR 15,900, you could contact 077 630 3558 to place your orders. Delivery is also available and delivery charges may apply. Do stay tuned to their Facebook page, for further updates and information.


Mymed.lk provides essential safety equipment like infrared thermometers, face masks, hand sanitizer, protective coveralls and protective face shields, for optimum cleanliness and hygiene.

Bulk orders are also accepted and you can order individual products via their website. Do contact them on 071 977 4774 or visit https://bit.ly/MymedSafety to place your orders.


Nature’s Secrets Herbal Cosmetics

Nature’s Secrets have partnered with PickMe Food to deliver liquid hand sanitizer spray (150ml) and hand sanitizer gel (50ml), to help you make your safety a priority. Delivery of these safety products will be within a 6km radius from the Thalawathugoda town and delivery charges may apply.

All you have to do is download the PickMe app, go to the PickMe Food tab and order away! Do stay tuned to their Facebook Page for upcoming updates and additional information.


JK Tradelink (PVT) Ltd.
JK Tradelink is the sole importer and trading company of the brand, Evans Vanodine. Evans Vanodine is a UK company, that provides products varying from hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers and outdoor sanitizers. With a highly concentrated solution, these products effectively kill 99.999% of harmful germs and other substances and are recommended by WHO and CDC.

Their products come in various sizes, from 17ml – 100ml bottles and 500ml – 5l cans, for your added convenience. You could call them up on 077 328 6998 to place your orders and to obtain further details. Stay tuned to their Facebook Page, for upcoming updates.




Promowatch (Pvt) Ltd.

Promowatch (Pvt) Ltd. manufactures a sanitizing gateway to be placed at office entrances, that is fully automatic, incorporated with a spray system that cleans and sanitizes the entire body of those who enter the gateway. The gateway is 7ft tall, 6ft in length and 4ft in width, providing ample space for an individual to enter, rotate 360 degrees to ensure the spray covers your whole body and move out afterwards. They also manufacture hands-free, pedal type washbasins for offices, that ensures optimum cleanliness, hygiene and safety of individuals. 

You can call them up on 070 320 6443 (Supun) to pre-order and to obtain further information on their products. Do stay tuned to their Facebook Page for updates.


Threestar Environmental

Threestar Environmental has geared up to provide an effective disinfection and sanitization service, that results in a clean environment, killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Their service is approved by the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka and they are providing their services to Offices, Homes, Apartments, Schools, Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Hospitals, Universities and Cafes. 

You could call them up on 077 506 0598 or visit their website www.three-star.lk to get your hands on their services. Do check them out of Facebook and Instagram in order to gather more information and further updates.


Sanitize ColomboSanitize Colombo carries out sanitization and disinfection services for workplaces and commercial spaces. The liquids they use are bio-safe and hospital-grade disinfectants. The prices for their services are as below:

1000 sqft – LKR 3,999
2000 sqft – LKR 5,999
3000 sqft – LKR 6,999

You can call them up on 077 688 7806 to reserve your date and time to carry out the service. Do check them out on their Facebook Page, for additional information.


Exterminators Sri Lanka

Exterminators Sri Lanka, known to be a leading pest control company is now starting disinfection services in Sri Lanka as well. They will be disinfecting schools, according to the following discounts: 

International Schools – 10% off
Private Schools – 15% off
Government Schools – 20% off 

Do call them up on 011 776 0760 to obtain special rates and also additional information. Do stay tuned to their Facebook page, for more updates. 


Clean Well SolutionsClean Well Solutions offers disinfecting services in order to maintain hygiene in closed environments. They provide their services to offices, shops, houses and restaurants so far. They use a solution that kills 99.9% germs in surfaces. 

You could call them up on 076 526 8711 or 071 054 8617 to obtain more information regarding their services and to book the date and time for disinfecting services from them. Do visit their Facebook Page for upcoming updates. 

Did we miss out on any places that provide disinfecting services as well as places that provide sanitization products? Do let us know in the comments below!


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