Everything else.. Post Festive Season Recovery

Post Festive Season Recovery

2020 Jan 3

We all look forward to the holiday season but we are never quite prepared for how knackered we feel afterwards. To make your road to recovery a pleasant one, have a look at these products guaranteed to provide ultimate relaxation.  All the products mentioned below will have you either getting a great night’s sleep or prepare you for a mega pamper session with your besties with a healthy dose of self care.


1. Neck Pillow Set

No doubt about it, you will feel like a first class passenger with this comfortable neck pillow set. Thank us later because it’s affordable as well! Grab yours at MINISO or the homeware section at ODEL.


2. Scented Candles

The number one method to de-stress! There are tons of fragrances to choose from and are very affordable. If you’re looking for a specific mood setter, be sure to research on what’s best or go with your instincts. Places to shop for good candles are Spa Ceylon, Odel Homeware section (their Premium candles are yummy!) and for affordable options, head to the Instagram page of Ariyaa fragrances or Candlehouse Ceylon.


3. Self-Planner / Journals

Keeping track of every day responsibilities jotted down and crossing them off afterwards is deeply satisfying. You can find creative and customisable journals on the Instagram page  Colourpress Stationary. You can also find business planners and detailed planners at Odel and other bookshops.


4. APTONIA Massage Kit or Massage Balls from Decathlon Sri Lanka

The best way to relieve stress at home after being seated at a work desk for nine hours straight without having to take a chunk out of your paycheck every time you need a massage. This massaging kit enables deep massaging for sore muscles and if you’re on a tighter budget this Christmas, you can opt to buy the massage ball which does the same job for a much cheaper price. You can find the APTONIA massage kit in Decathlon and the massage balls at any other sporting goods stores in the country.


5. Dr.Jart+ Focuspot Micro Tip Patches / Spa Ceylon White Rice Bio-Cellulose Eye Zone Treatment Masque

Monday morning will be a breeze because these eye patches have got your back. Available in the Sri Lankan Instagram store Lure.lk, The Eye Zone treatment mask is a GEM we all need. This treatment is not just a one day fix but improves overall skin complexion and renews cells to fight against aging. And it’s readily available here in Sri Lanka through our very own brand, Spa Ceylon!


6. Cosy Blanket

Free picture (fabric blanket) from https://torange.biz/blanket-fabric-51949

A good nights sleep comes with your surroundings! This can be used as a nice throw over your bed, to keep you warm during rainy weather and to cuddle with and relax. The most affordable blankets can be brought at Glitz or you can go all out and treat yourself to a premium quality one from Odel.


7. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

A cult favorite sleeping mask and sworn on oath by Korean Celebrities with their glass skin. This mask needs to be applied and kept overnight for moisturized glowing skin once you wake up. This can be purchased from Instagram pages such as Lure.lk and Makeup Addicts Sri Lanka.


8. TEAELI Assorted Tea Gift Set

Bringing Sri Lanka’s timeless ‘liquid gold’ into the world, TEAELI offers a wide range of teas from artisan crafted blends to rare handmade teas! These will have you kicking back and taking in the wonderful aroma in no time.


9. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Not only does a quality diffuser aesthetically pleasing on your bedside table, it also promotes good sleep while having the room smelling fresh and fragrant. Grab the best diffusers at MINISO (they have a wide range) and Cliara Essential Oils online website! Both the stores have a range of essential oils that can be used alongside as well.


10. Shiatsu Foot Massager

This device will take away all the aches and kinks in your feet. This specific foot massager is available online at Supersavings.lk or you can opt for an everyday massager at Abans.


11. Bath Salts and Bath Soaks

We don’t have to say much, all you have to do is throw some in your tub and take a long hot dip! These are readily available at all online stores such as Kapruka.lk, ODEL, essentials.lk etc.


12. Succulent Plants

Very low-stress plants you can buy for a permanently busy person! Also, they make really cute home decorations. These potted beauties can be purchased from Plant Sales such as the big weekend sale in Diyatha Uyana, Battaramulla or you can visit Instagram pages such as Rihanna_decor to have it delivered online.


13. A Hammock

Need we say more? Imagine sipping some great ginger tea and swinging on a hammock admiring the view around you. There you go, you NEED this!


14. A Year’s Worth Subscription to a Meditating App

This one makes a great gift for somebody who works extra hard. It is also a good investment for yourself, thanks to the multiple benefits of meditation.

Don’t let the festive season stress you out. Lay back, relax and take it all in. It only occurs once a year after all.