Everything else.. Paris Brosnan Sheds Light On Childhood Hunger In Sri Lanka

Paris Brosnan Sheds Light On Childhood Hunger In Sri Lanka

2019 May 31

Sri Lanka is a country full of stories but not all of these stories are full of sunshine and rainbows. However, that doesn’t mean these stories aren’t beautiful and that they should not be told.

One such story is that of countless Sri Lankan children who are facing hunger and the people who are doing a great job at trying to combat it.

Paris Brosnan, an 18-year-old American filmmaker, who also happens to be the son of famed actor Pierce Brosnan, took it upon himself to tell the story about Clarins and FEED, a social brand founded by Lauren Bush Lauren which is working hard to providing meals to Sri Lankan school children.

These are issues that most Sri Lankans don’t know much about, but there are a lot of children in Sri Lanka who are hungry and the Clarins and FEED partnership works tirelessly, providing a daily meal to these kids.

Photo Credit: PEOPLE.com

“This school meals program gives children a sense of belonging, community, and an education,” said Paris in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine. According to him, this program is more than just a solution for hunger as it provides a sense of community and makes school an important part of these children’s lives.

In his short film, Paris visits a school in Anuradhapura and a few other locations to gain an understanding of what things are really like. This video is an eye-opener for a lot of us and we are glad that someone took it upon themselves to tell this story.

Even though the film sheds light to a rather depressing reality, it is still able to bring a smile to anyone’s face because there are people doing something to help these children.

This is an important story that we should all be aware of so take the time to watch it.