Everything else.. Live Life: Your Dietician, Gym Instructor and Insurance Provider All in One

Live Life: Your Dietician, Gym Instructor and Insurance Provider All in One

2019 Aug 27


How many of us Sri Lankans really make some time to stretch, exercise or even breathe in our daily routines? Careers, social lives, travel, studies; we are so focused on overworking ourselves that we often forget to pause and take a minute to take care of ourselves. It’s no wonder that 2 in 10 Sri Lankans are prone to non-communicable diseases. But wait; do we even know what a non-communicable disease is? Thought not.



Non-communicable diseases, or NCDS, are diseases that are not transferrable directly from one person to another. Think diabetes, most heart diseases, osteoporosis and many more. According to the NCD country profile composed by the World Health Organization, 83% or all deaths in Sri Lanka are due to NCDS, with 118,700 people dying of NCDS in the year 2016 alone. With NCDS affecting such a large majority of our population, why don’t we pay more attention to this issue as a country? With a fast food outlet around every corner and a sheer lack of interest in physical activity, Sri Lanka is on a scary downward slope when it comes to the health and wellness of our people.



Enter, ‘Live Life’, a wellness-based digital Insurance solution that will incentivise and encourage you to live a better, more health-conscious lifestyle that will eventually make you happier both physically and mentally. A project initiated by the dynamic duo, Janashakthi Insurance PLC and ayubo.life, this platform is the first of its kind in the country and is designed specifically for the younger generation. Offering packages ranging from LKR 1,000 to LKR 5,000, ‘Live Life’ aims to provide a hassle-free wellness journey and reduce the overall risk of disease, including NCDS, all whilst providing users with a practical, affordable Insurance policy as well. Once signed up, the user receives a Life cover, Critical Illness and Hospitalisation covers, as well as being provided with a team of qualified health and wellness experts inclusive of a dietician, physician and sports scientist.



This innovative solution is incredibly practical, providing customised tips and care routines that help the user lead a healthier lifestyle and provide access to easy-to-implement tips as well as measured results. What’s more, users have huge incentive to actually take care of themselves too. Not only will ‘Live Life’ give you practical solutions to your day-to-day health problems, but once you succeed in reducing risk factors as per guidelines, you will be rewarded with an increased Insurance cover for the next year.  It’s really a win-win situation.



By signing up for ‘Live Life’, the need for medical costs, gym instructors as well as expenses on other means of lifestyle guidance can be reduced by a lot with the use of this unique concept that only requires you to check daily notifications. Taking care of your health has literally never been easier!



‘Live Life’ is designed to disrupt the conventional Insurance spectrum by practically rewarding individuals for wellness behaviour. It is an innovative, customer-focused solution that focuses on preventive wellness and on empowering customers to live well and engage in a lifelong journey of wellbeing by offering them tangible and meaningful rewards for their efforts. It is a game-changing shift from the traditional transactional engagement between an Insurer and its policyholder and can easily prompt younger Sri Lankans to lead healthier lives.



Janashakthi Insurance and ayubo.life have taken a number of vital factors into consideration, which has enabled them to provide a unique and preventive approach to Insurance through ‘Live Life’ to encourage empowered, happy and most of all, healthy Sri Lankans. Check out their platform on www.janashakthi.com/livelife .


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