Entertainment Lankans Who Are Keeping Us Entertained during Quarantine

Lankans Who Are Keeping Us Entertained during Quarantine

2020 May 1


No matter what mood you’re in, watching something funny is always a sure way to get your spirits high. And especially given stressful times such as these, we need a good laugh now more than ever. And this is why we decided to put together a list of hilarious Sri Lankans you should definitely check out while you #stayathome this quarantine.


Blok and Dino

We all know Blok and Dino! How could you possibly not know of them?! Primarily operating via their YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook, Gehan Blok and Dino Corera are at the top of their game in the Lankan comedy scene. While most of their content is satirical takes around experiences many of us go through as Lankans, they also cover a range of topics related to current issues. Make sure to check out their latest “Corona Virinduwa”!


Nimmi Harasgama (AKA Auntie Netta/Bruleé Silva)

Nimmi Harasgama is an award-winning Sri Lankan actress, known for playing a number of iconic roles in local and international movies. You might better recognise her under the names of her classic alter egos Auntie Netta and, more recently, Bruleé Silva. Auntie Netta is a cranky yet entertaining, clueless yet brutally honest auntie we can all definitely relate to – a role that Nimmi decided to revive during a time, she thought, was important for us to be entertained. Bruleé Silva, on the other hand, is one of her more recently discovered personas. She is a totally EXTRA, “in-your-face parody” of today’s Instagram influencer culture. Auntie Netta can be found posting content on her YouTube channel and Bruleé of course, has her own Instagram under the handle @brulee_silva


Dominic Kellar



Now… there’s never a dull moment with Dominic Kellar. We’ve seen him take the spotlight on stage with his incredible sense of humour in Pusswedilla, we’ve heard him do the same on-air and we’ve even seen him shine on TV commercials with his bubbly personality. There’s simply no way you can escape the Kellar sense of humour! So make sure you check out StageLight&Magic on their YouTube channel and other social media, to see Dominic in all his humorous glory!


Pasan Ranaweera

Best known for his role as Cyril Nitharama suffering in the hit political farce Pusswedilla, Pasan Ranaweera, as many might joke about, is in fact not ‘eternally suffering’ (haha – geddit?!) And recently he’s continued to shine on stage with the stand-up comedy special “Politically ඉන්correct”, alongside Gehan Blok, Dino Corera and Dominic Kellar! You can check him ‘nitharama-suffering’ (amongst other things) on the StageLight&Magic Youtube channel, as well!


Chaminda Pusswedilla

Hailing from Arsikland as its Prime Minister and former President, Chaminda Pusswedilla is a friend of the people, son of the village, father of democracy and brother of freedom – or so his Twitter biography says. Another member of the StageLight&Magic family, you can find Hon. Chaminda Pusswedilla being… well, Hon. Chaminda Pusswedilla on Arsikland: The Musical, on their YouTube channel.


Randula Senanayake (@senayako)

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Randula Senanayake – better known via his Instagram handle @senayako is best known for his all too relatable skits about our daily Lankan lives, that he posts on Instagram. From compilations of all the quintessentially Lankan things our parents say, to that of things we are sure set to hear when hanging out with our bokkas – this man is bound to get you quite literally laughing out loud (and maybe just a tad bit scared thinking how he might even have a set of ears inside your own homes).


Pissu Kanna (@pissukanna)

Now, this is one funny guy and is more than enough reason for your dopamine levels to skyrocket! He’s known all too well for his short skits on Instagram where he’s put out his own funny and #relatableAF takes on experiences we are all bound to have gone through as fellow brown-skinned human beings. Whether it’s our tiger-parents reacting to O/L results, or us having the time of our lives stuck in quarantine, this guy has it all covered! Check out his Instagram and Facebook if you’re looking for a good dosage of laughter and be sure to check out his YouTube channel for ‘The Quarantine Song’.


Kapila Rasnayake

If you’re an active person on social media then, chances are, you would have definitely come across a certain Kapila Rasnayake. Already well known for his social work through the “Voices of Humans” organisation, of which he is a Founder and Director, Kapila also recently found fame in social media where he posts satirical, yet quite unconventional content about topics like sexuality, gender and human rights, which caught people’s attention. So be sure to check him out on his Facebook and YouTube, for a fresh take on the issues we face today.

So while you’re stuck at home this quarantine, let these guys keep you entertained, because we all deserve a good laugh, now more than ever. Did we miss any of your favourite funny Lankans? Let us know in the comments!