Everything else.. Ladies’ Night Roundup 2019

Ladies’ Night Roundup 2019

2019 Sep 10

As women we know the struggles we have to endure on a daily basis, from sexist wage gaps and lingering creepy glares from any and every uncle walking past. Alas we have some sweet respite in this world with something we call ladies’ night. It’s the universe’s way of saying ‘hey I see you, I see your pain, we got you’.

With this economy it is next to impossible to keep up with your bodies desired level of consumption so when days such as these are dedicated to celebrating us, you best believe we are going to be there. 

Without further ado, here is a list of places that you can get tipsy without tipping over your piggy bank.

Good luck and remember to not drive under the influence or text your ex. ( both very deadly things)


The Love Bar 


Set above the Flamingo House, The Love Bar is the second chapter of the Clarke and Satyavati fable. Adorned with psychedelic eccentric décor the venue is a true visual spectacle. The Love Bar menu offers an eclectic variety of intoxicating exotic beverages comprising of unique Flamingo House concoctions and love potions, party staples, and popular bottles.
Every Wednesday for the ladies there is a free flow of cocktails the whole night.

Date : Wednesday
Time : 6pm onwards
Deal: Free flow cocktails the whole night
For reservations or for more info call +94 77 859 7766
Address: 07 58 A, Horton Place, Colombo, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka



The Chiller Room


Hidden in plain sight, the Chiller Room is an innovative addition to Colombo’s nightlife scene. Located inside your favorite Speakeasy, Ask for Fern; The Chiller Room offers a unique space where tunes ranging from r’n’b to house spun and strum by a variety of talented artists illuminate the dance floor.
Swing by on a Wednesday night to sip on their delicious ladies night special cocktails.

Date : Wednesday
Time : 8pm – 10pm
Deal: Free flow of in-house special cocktails
For reservations or for more info call +94 777 8050330
Address: 32B Sir Mohammed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka





The RE.PUB.LK is a chic Bar & Bistro situated next to the Dutch Hospital Precinct. It has been open for the past three years and has grown to be a staple on a night out on the town. With it’s commendable live music and enthusiastic servers you will be able to dreamily sway the night away while sipping on some sinful concoctions.

Date : Wednesday and Saturdays
Time : 7 – 10 pm ( On wednesdays till 9 pm)
Deal: Free flow of Special in- house cocktails
For reservations of more information call 0117 446 654
Address: 57 Hospital St, Colombo 1




Nestled among the skyscrapers in the heart of the business hub of Colombo, Botanik plays host to the Colombo’s young and happening.
With one of the longest bars in the city our beverage menu is where variety is showcased. Signature twists with botanical and gin cocktails are listed alongside an exciting wine menu so that you can enjoy Organic wines or a sunset cocktail, whichever you prefer. All of these factors add up to be one of the best bars in Colombo to relax and sip your favourite drink.

Date : Wednesday
Time : 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Deal: One for one Deals on our Special in- house cocktails ( Annasi, Tamarind, Green Gin, Pink Gin)
For reservations of more information call 0766445888
Address: 7 Hospital Street, Colombo 1


Next Innings


Conveniently located at Dutch Hospital, Next Innings is a venture similar to Ministry of Crab as it is a Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara and Dharshan Munidasa restaurant. Needless to say, this restaurant cum bar received a lot of hype due to the combination of people that present the latest sports lounge in Colombo. The bar has 14ft video walls and six 55” screens making it the perfect spot to go to for some good food and drinks on game night with play 8 different sporting channels at any given time. This is amazing since this gives me the option to satisfy boozy me as well as the avid sports fan in me. The music courtesy of Cold Sweat is also killer!

Date : Every Wednesday
Time : 7 pm to 9 pm
Deal: Free flow of Cocktails
For reservations or for more info call 077 562 4624
Address: 2, Old Dutch Hospital, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 01


Hilton Colombo


We all have been to the Colombo staple Stellas Karoake Bar and embarrassed ourselves through a drunken slur of lyrics to our favourite bands of yesteryear. Well luck be have it because there is a ladies night from 7pm to 11pm every Thursday.
All you charming divas head over and sing your hearts out and sip on some sinful syrups whilst enjoying 50% discount on all our regular beverages at the Hilton Colombo

Date : Thursday
Time : 7 pm – 11pm
Deal: 50% off beverages
For reservations or for more info call 011 2 492 492
Address: Sir Chittampalam Gardiner Mawatha Colombo 2


Sugar Bistro and Wine Bar


Over the past couple of years, Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar at The Crescat Boulevard has become an increasingly popular hang out spot in Colombo. They’ve got fairly good food with plenty of variety, a chic and classy setting and some of the most enthusiastic service.
More sisters, less misters. Every Friday, Free cocktails for when you finally escape the office on FRIDAY! Exclusively for the ladies.

Date : Every Friday
Time : 8pm onwards
Deals : 8pm – 10pm – FREE cocktails, 10pm onwards – Buy one get one free on selected beverages.
For reservations of for more info, Call 0112446229
Address: Crescat Boulevard, Lobby -L1, Colombo 3


King of the Mambo 

King of the Mambo became an instant hit amongst all the ladies in Colombo for their amazing deals, quirky ambience and friendliest of service. Conveniently located at the famous Galle Face Hotel, KOM is all the rage on Mondays! Celebrate your ladies’ night the way Cubans do, right here in the heart of the city!

Date: every Monday 

Time: 7pm – 10pm 

Deals: a complimentary cocktail on arrival & happy hour on selected drinks 

For reservations or more information call: 011 232 7787

Address: Galle Face Hotel, 2 Galle Road, Colombo


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