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Where to Get Helium Balloons in Sri Lanka

2018 Aug 10

Ah, what’s a birthday, or any other party for that matter, without balloons? It would be quite the dull affair, if you ask me. No, you can’t argue with me on this one because it’s true; whether it be a 5 year old’s exciting birthday bash, a Sweet 16 party, or even to simply pass the time with your pals by breathing in the helium and speaking in hilariously high-pitched tones (please do not do this excessively because death by balloon is not a nice way to go).

Since helium isn’t exactly available at your friendly neighbourhood kade, here are a few places you can check out if you are looking to get your hands on some helium balloons!

1. Arpico Supercenter (Hyde Park Corner)

Contact – 0114 734 725

If ask any Lankan where you can get helium balloons here, more often than not the Arpico Supercenter located in Hyde Park Corner will be mentioned. Their party corner offers pretty much every basic item you would need for a birthday party. Hence, this would be one place to go without any hassle!

2. Balloon Corner

Contact – 077 734 3026

Balloon Corner is one of the better known places for all things balloons! They custom print balloons, and even have confetti filled balloons as well as the gigantic number ones you know you want for your next birthday!

3. Jolly Balloons

Contact – 076 554 0000 / 077 376 0161

Jolly Balloons agrees with me when I say it ain’t a party without balloons! They’ve got a great range of options to choose from when it comes to making your occasion a little extra special. From birthdays to weddings and the birth of a new baby, Jolly Balloons has got a balloon for every event! You can either place your order online, give them a call, or simply WhatsApp them on 076 554 0000 to get a price list in no time.

4. Ovin Gases
Contact – 011 275 1405

They’ve got access to all the things you need when it comes to balloons, including an expertise in balloon gas, balloon gas equipment and accessories. Additionally, they offer a great deal of support, advice and a delivery service in Colombo.

They’ve also made helium available, so you can BYOB (bring your own balloons!) and they will fill ‘em right up! In case you do take your own balloons, they state that they reserve the right to inspect your balloons, and if they deem the quality of the balloons to be very poor, they recommend that you do not fill them with helium.

The price of balloons depends things such as the type of balloon, size of the balloon, whether it is printed or plain, and if it is just a single on or an arrangement. You can contact them to find out more.

5. Kids Jump 4 Joy

Contact – 077 048 8667

Yet another famous place, Kids Jump 4 Joy caters to all your decorative party needs, and like the aunties and uncles say, they’ve got some “interesting gadgematics” as well such as LED balloons, loot bags, and even piñatas! You can get in touch with them by either giving them a call or you can simply make your booking online.

6. Jiggles Store
Contact – 077 956 8890 / 011 494 9733

Jiggles does event and party planning, custom and themed party supplies as well as décor, and has some really cool entertainment packages for your event! From what we’ve seen on their Instagram feed, they whip up some really nice backdrops and can cater to all your number, letter and normal helium balloon needs! Just give them a ring for any inquiries you may have.

7. The Party Station

Contact – 011 753 7770

Not only does The Party Station have balloons, but they also have items like bubble machines, smoke and fog machines, strobe lights, costumes, glow sticks, etc. So basically, pretty much everything you’ll need to have an unforgettable event!

8. Party Avenue Sri Lanka

Contact – 077 766 4865

Located in Dehiwala, Party Avenue inflates all types of balloons with helium. Moreover, any additional styling of helium inflated balloons is also offered on a complimentary basis with any helium purchase. They’ve also got foil letter and number balloons available at their store, so you can celebrate in style!

Now go have fun with those balloons kiddos!


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