Everything else.. The Current Crisis: Emergency Information You Need to Know

The Current Crisis: Emergency Information You Need to Know

2019 Apr 26

In light of Sri Lanka’s devastating crisis that began on the 21st of April, each and every one of us needs to know what to do and who to contact in a state of emergency. Read on below for a comprehensive list on what you should do when the moment calls for it.

General emergency contact numbers:

Police Emergency – 118 / 119, 011 2433333
Police Emergency Hotline (Mobile) – 112
Army Emergency Hotline – 114
Air Force Emergency Hotline – 116
Ambulance/ Fire & Rescue – 110, 011 2422222
Emergency Ambulance Service – 1990
Government Information Center – 1919

If you come across a suspicious package, do not attempt to investigate or tamper with it. Immediately inform the authorities instead. Do your part to help clear the surrounding area without causing an escalated panic. The public has been asked to contact the below numbers if they have any information on suspicious activity, packages or vehicles:

Bomb Disposal Unit – Army Headquarters: 011 2434251, 011 4055105, 011 4055106, 076 6911604

Bomb Disposal: 011 2433335

The police recently released a list of suspects they’re on the lookout for; in case of any information contact police officials at:

0718591771 / 0112422176

If your workplace/building is on lockdown or made to evacuate, do so in an orderly manner without causing panic.

A cycle of fake news has also been gripping the nation. Before you forward any news to your family and friends, first ask yourself if the source is a responsible media company. You can further cross check it with other responsible local media companies. This is a harmful cycle that is spreading false information, which only promotes island wide panic and hinders investigations on the real issue at hand.

There have also been rising incidents of hate speech and extremism on social media. We must not respond to hate with more hate. You might feel an understandable anger towards these individuals but responding with aggression and threats simply worsens the issue. These individuals do not deserve your time.  Those who find hate speech online, simply report it instead and with Facebook incidents, include a screenshot and clear link to the (Facebook) post and email to isura.silva@gmail.com, CEO of SarvodayaFusion. Put ‘Facebook tag’ in the subject line.

In times like this, it’s important to remember not to take the law into our own hands and stir up any negative activity that results in rising tensions. This will only result in further conflicts that will need to be addressed so please co-operate with law enforcement to the best of your ability. Try not to litter the roads while authorities are conducting their searches (and in general!) or travel about after curfew times. There are searches being conducted in houses and offices around the country. Cooperate with the law enforcement during such times.

If leaving your vehicle parked in a public space for a long period of time, display your number on the windshield. In tense times like this, any vehicle that seems to be loitering about will seem suspicious. Make it a point not to carry big bags around, especially in to crowded spaces like supermarkets for example; if you do, prepare to have them left at the parcel counter after being checked.

Above all else, no matter the ethnicity or religion, remember that we are all Sri Lankan. Sri Lanka has been showing a united front with compassionate responses from her community so let’s make sure it remains this way and all our innocent brothers and sisters remain safe.


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