Driving 101

2019 Jul 3

Billboards, large, magnificent, value-adding and informative. Brilliant ideas to turn words upside down yet disregard the rest of the advert or teach the public on how to switch their vipers on have undoubtedly had a major impact on us. As such, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and teach you a thing or two about turning on vipers. Sorry. About driving. 


Although not on a billboard, we hope you take us seriously, because we like to be relevant here at Pulse. 


How to seatbelt 

Once you make yourself comfortable on the seat, look to your side and you will see a belt and dangling clip. If you can’t rely on your own driving skills or the skills of whoever who is driving you, this is what will keep you safe and intact. So just pull the strap across your upper chest and clip the metal buckle into the latching device. Pull and clip. Just pull and clip. 


How to fix the mirror

This depends on your height, so honestly, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to be taken here. Just make sure you see what you’re supposed to be seeing. 


How to hold the wheel

Both your hands must always be on the wheel. Picture the wheel to be a clock. Your right hand must always be at 2 and your left at 10. This means reaching for the iced coffee on the cupholder or touching your significant other is a complete no. 


How to start a car engine

Insert key into ignition, which is most often located near the steering wheel. However, before you do so, always make sure the gear is kept on neutral. Moving on, if you’re the proud owner of your dad’s latest four-wheels that feature an ignition button instead of a key inserter, then please ask your dad how to switch it on. 


How to signal

The importance of signalling is so grave that we dedicate billboards for it. So please don’t mess it up. Note that your signalling lever is on your right-hand side. When moved up or down this lever will cause a light on either the left or right side of your car to flash. 


How to turn the viper on

Contrary to popular belief, this is on the left. 


How to park

Parking etiquettes should be a separate article in itself, however, to keep it simple, when you’ve found a parking space signal to let other drivers know that you are god’s favourite and they have to work a little harder. Then manoeuvre your vehicle at an appropriate speed for parking and stop when you’re in parking position. Whether you want to parallel park, perpendicular, angle or curb park, always remember, turning on your vipers is not a necessity. 


Well, that’s driving for dummies. Whether you own a manual or an auto these are some of the basics to keep in mind, and in case you’re planning to put up a billboard on driving or anything for that matter – kindly use the correct keywords when searching for stock images. For premium life advice as such, please subscribe to our channel. 


Cover photo found on Thishya Weragoda’s Facebook profile 


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