Everything else.. Cram, Stress, Procrastinate – Hacks to Get You Through This Exam Season

Cram, Stress, Procrastinate – Hacks to Get You Through This Exam Season

2019 Jun 26

It’s that time of the year again: Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat. With exams around the corner, it’s highly likely that most of us are already on marathons cramming 12 months worth content to complete and utter panic. Don’t fret, you still have time. Here’s our pick of hacks to get you through the exam season.

1) Sleep

There is such a thing as too much sleep. At times like this, exhausted from all the stress, sleep would seem the most inviting of all. This is inevitably a recipe for disaster. Make sure you get your 6 to 8 hours of sleep, that’s important because your mind and body need to rejuvenate after a tiring day but no more. Sleeping in or enjoying the cosy weather in bed is a definite NO.


2) Study Spaces

Choose your study space carefully. Most of us tend to get cosy in the library and tend to drift off to sleep! Some of us tend to study in a warm environment which gives some people headaches and migraines. Choose your study space wisely! Make sure you’re not too comfortable; make sure you are seated upright at most times. Don’t lazily sprawl across the sofa or bed because chances are you’d decide to take yet another nap.


3) Nibbles

It’s good to have something to munch on so bring on the chips and fast food! Okay so this won’t be the most healthy option but it’s exam season, if food motivates you, go for it. We all know how much motivation us last minute crammers need. Just make sure not to have super heavy meals, especially if you’re the kind of person who needs a nap after overeating at lunch. Trust me, you can’t afford another nap.


4) Time Management

If you can’t handle long periods of study back to back, it’s alright to take a break. The tricky part is making sure your break doesn’t turn into four episodes of Friends. Use nifty apps like Pomodoro. Pomodoro is essentially a timer where you study for 25 minutes or so and then take a short break. This app really helps with time management and since the study slots are only 25 minutes, you won’t feel overwhelmed and won’t notice the time pass. Study break management is a must.


5) Social Media

If you’re one to procrastinate by scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you’re in trouble. The best way is to go to your phone settings and set a daily data limit. Yes, you can always increase the limit, but hopefully knowing how much time you spend online would put the fear of exams into you. Also, for some people, deleting social media apps help. If you’re a professional procrastinator, use the app Flipd. It can lock your phone or lock away distracting apps for a certain period of time while you study. Try one of these out because it’s high time to send procrastination on its way.


There you have it, our pick of foolproof hacks. Start today to save those grades and stop Amma from lecturing you about aunty Seela’s daughter’s straight As!


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