Everything else.. Best Dressed at Derana Lux Film Awards 2019

Best Dressed at Derana Lux Film Awards 2019

2019 Jul 2

A night anticipated to be one of glitz and glamour outdid all expectations as stars of the silver screen adorned themselves in the most flamboyant outfits. The attendees made their entrances to the grandest event of the year – the Derana Lux Film Awards, held at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapakse Theatre, in classic saris, chic dresses and sleek suits. Think, a merge of Bollywood and Hollywood. Think every colour of the rainbow. Think diverse materials and bold designs, and voila – a night to remember was created. We picked the best looks of the night – the ones sure to be the hottest topics till next year’s awards. 


Jackson Anthony

In our list for all the right reason, Mr Anthony turned heads in a red suede kurtha and we’re all for it. The A-line buttons added a subtle oomph and completed one of the best looks for the year!


Shalani Tharaka

This beauty-queen showed up in an off-the-shoulder, layered ball gown with intricate beadwork. Pairing it with a matching purse and simple accessories, Shalani worked the red-carpet like no other!


Nadeesha Hemamali

An all-time favourite fashionista, Nadeesha Hemamali makes it to our list for her bold attire. The sleeves on her dress were all the rage and the plunging neckline made her stand out from the rest of the stars. So, how can this not be the talk of the town?


Sachini Ayendra

As though a greek goddess glided through, Sachini Ayendra made her entrance in a gold gown and a high hair tie-up. Tailor-made for the occasion, the dress gave new meaning to glamour.


Menaka Maduwanthi 

Wrapped in six-yards of absolute elegance, Menaka Maduwanthi wore one of the most beautiful saris of the evening. The pink and gold sari exuded everything graceful and chic while the element of printed leaves made it edgy and timely. 


Udari Warnakulasuriya

Keeping up with today’s trends, Udari collected her award in a bell-sleeved jacket and a satin sari. Tying her hair in a low bun and adorning it with flowers, she completed her look for the night with a red bindi. What’s not to love about this traditional look? 


Pubudu Chathuranga

The final entry to our list of trendsetters this year, Pubudu stood out in beige and black. Dressed to match his significant other, Pubudu was one of the daring celebrities who weren’t afraid to grace the occasion in a unique suit. 


This year’s awards definitely saw fashion-forward outfits, as much as it witnessed talent unlike any other, and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us. Until then, let us know who you thought was the night’s most extravagant trendsetter and what you’d like to see on the 2020 red carpet. 


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