Everything else.. 8 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him/Her on a Budget

8 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him/Her on a Budget

2018 Feb 12

Into the New Year, and we all have one thing in common: a hole burnt in our pockets. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner there is much effort put into scrounging up cash to buy our SOs a decent gift. But fear not! The following list is a roundup of the gifts you can buy him/her on a budget of LKR 2,000.

1. Stamped Couple Jewelry – Feather Project [LKR 1,300 (650 each)]

Feather Project stamps names, dates, quotes, phrases, and basically any tag line of your choice on their handmade jewelry. Pick from their chevron necklaces, bar bracelets, and washer bracelets and get your SO and yourself the ultimate accessory fix.

Island-wide delivery available!
Instagram: featherproject

2. Custom-Made Pillow Case – Pillow Talk [LKR 650 – 800 (+350 with pillow)]

Pillow Talk is an up and coming home décor service that customizes hand-painted throw pillows to fit your needs. So pick a quote or design you want painted and they will take it from there! This super cute gift will surely keep your SO comfortable.

Delivery available in and around Colombo.
Instagram: pillowtalksl

3. Monogrammed Notebooks/Planners – Colour Press [LKR 1,000 – 1,300 (+50 to 150 for monogramming per letter, depending on size)

The ideal gift for the stationery fanatics out there! Colour Press offers a wide variety of notebooks, planners and journals in different colours, patterns and sizes. Top it off with their exclusive monogrammed letters and you’ve got yourself a personalized gift!

Island-wide delivery available.
Instagram: colourpress_stationery

4. Photo Box/Photo Frame/Personalized Mug – Flutterby Ink [LKR 650/1,800 (12 frames)/750 – 950]

Flutterby Ink is known for handmade wall décor and personalized décor with different styles and colours to offer. Their photo boxes and photo frames would be ideal to put in cute pictures of you and your SO. Their mugs come in black and white so pick a motivational quote or catch phrase and you’re good to go!

Instagram: flutterbyInk

5. Custom-Made Phone Case – Sparkles and Cases [LKR 1,700]

The best thing about Sparkles and Cases is that it is a standard price for any phone model! So what type of phone your loved one has doesn’t matter, just select a design or even a picture to get printed on the case. After all, this is something he/she will use all the time!

Instagram: sparklesandcases

6. Dreamcatchers/Amigurumi Soft Toys – Craffitie [LKR 500 – 2,000]

Craffitie offers beautiful handmade dreamcatchers of basically any colour you can think of! Also, their Amigurumi soft toys are customized and crocheted and would make simply adorable Valentine’s Day gifts.

Island-wide delivery available.
Instagram: craffitie

7. Assorted Gooey Brownie Box – The Brownie Company [LKR 1,450 (12 brownies)]

The Brownie Company is a home-based bakery specializing in gourmet fudge brownies. They have all sorts of flavours and toppings, so go wild with your choices with this assorted pack. Taste their fudgey treats, if your SO is willing to share, and thank us later!

Delivery available.
Instagram: the_brownie_company

8. Customized Chocolate Box – La Chocolata [LKR1,150 (12 chocolates)]

Mix and match from La Chocolata’s array of chocolates to gift your loved one this time old classic! From soft centers to nuts to caramels to truffles, they have it all! Express your love for your SO with this customized box of chocolates to fit his/her palate.

Store: 50/22 Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo.

So that is the roundup of the gifts you can get on a budget Sri Lanka, share the love this Valentine’s Day!


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