Everything else.. 5 Unexpected Things that Cause Diabetes

5 Unexpected Things that Cause Diabetes

2017 Nov 14

Diabetes is a big part of every Sri Lankan family, almost all of us know at least one person or have a grandparent suffering from the disease, and to no surprise either. What with our constant baila parties, consistent consumption of paniwalalu and habitually sleeping the whole day on Poyas, our Lankan genes are built for diabetes. But that doesn’t mean we have to be completely oblivious to the dangers of the race to death. So this World Diabetes Day, lets educate ourselves just a little bit and try to live a healthier tomorrow.

1. Don’t Stress

Although many of us think that the main cause of diabetes is the food that we consume, stress is a big part of it too. Though the intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins impact blood sugars, too much pressure over meeting deadlines, a fight with a loved one or intense exercise are large contributors towards the disease as well. Often, doctors administer these handy things called Stress Tests, so go on and call yours and make sure your stress levels aren’t diabetes likely.

2. Get your sleep

Yes yes, I know, the latest episode of Stranger Things has dropped and your night time data needs to be exploited but not getting a good night’s rest can often lead to changing insulin sensitivity throughout the day, which would lead to higher blood sugars. How many times has Amma pushed you to “shut the damn laptop off and get some sleep, child” – yeah it’s for good reason. She cares about you and just doesn’t want you to die!

3. Stop playing the guessing game

A large majority of us are famous for thinking we’re right, even though we know nothing of the situation. There’s only so much sugar in a bottle of Cola, my blood sugar level is definitely normal, I for sure didn’t have one too many Cranberry-Vodkas – I’m here to tell you you’re wrong! Would it be so bad to make sure you aren’t down a path of self-destruction than reassure yourself with false news? Get your tests done, eat healthy, haven’t you heard? Self-care is the new trend!

4. Put down that bottle of alcohol

According to research, a healthy amount of alcohol to be consuming is way below our usual Sri Lankan standard. Female bodies can tolerate one glass of alcohol whereas male bodies can tolerate two per day, but after that, you’re putting your blood sugar levels in some serious danger. Over-consumption of liquor, alongside being an overall terrible habit, is also one of the leading causes for diabetes and may very well get you killed soon. I know it’s tough to come to terms with but ‘tis the reality and you need to face it.

5. Stop using plastics

According to Reader’s Digest, two chemicals used in the manufacturing of plastic wrap and plastic takeout containers were associated with an increased risk of diabetes in children and teens. The chemicals increase insulin resistance and elevate blood pressure and are even worse if you microwave your meals in plastic containers. So stop your lazy ass from microwaving your fridge boxes and heat it up in healthier, tastier ways, like Ammas matimuttiya – so many yums! Great for your health as well as the environment.

There are many symptoms of diabetes that you could look out for and ensure that your life is on a healthy path, so take this World Diabetes Day as an initiative to take care of yourself cause if you don’t, who will?


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