Everything else.. 5 Things Lankan Kids Have To Put Up With

5 Things Lankan Kids Have To Put Up With

2017 Jul 18

Yes it’s true, parents can get on your nerves at times (but to be fair, I’m pretty sure we get on their nerves ALL the time :P). We don’t exactly see eye to eye on certain things with them. It could be due to the generation gap, but who knows? It is just something that we have to deal with. On the contrary however, there are many things that our Sri Lankan parents have to deal with as well. So read on to find out our take on the five things that Sri Lankan kids have to put up with.

  • When parents disapprove of our friends of the opposite sex

A male and a female can be the best of friends on a totally platonic level right? Well, tell that to your Lankan parents and you might end up with a cherry red ear. It is quite interesting but also extremely hard to fathom why our parents think that if we make a friend of the opposite sex, there always has to be some kind of underhand thing going on. *sigh* I guess they will only be okay with it once you get married, but still that is a long road ahead that will be full of misunderstandings from parents when it comes to boy-girl friendships.


  • The fashion trends that they almost always dislike

I think it is safe to say that our parents grew up in a somewhat modest era when it comes to what one’s outward appearance should look like. However, this doesn’t exactly pair well with the fashion trends that are hip right now. Man buns and top knots? “Chi, what will people think ah? No son of mine is going to look like a rasthayadu karaya”. Well how about skimpy tank tops and crop tops? “What on earth are you wearing? There’s more skin showing than cloth, this won’t work under my roof ah”. So yeah, such is the plight of Lankan youth. It will be pretty ironic though, for eventually our generation will have kids and I’m pretty sure we won’t approve of the trends in that era either.


  • The dreaded parties

At some point in every teen’s life, they are going to be invited to a party. This party will probably feature both males and females. Now in your mind, you will be pretty excited go to meet with your friends and maybe bust out some moves on the dance floor (or maybe even meet up with that cutie, eh?). Your parents however, won’t be so enthusiastic about it. God knows what goes on in their minds about what happens at a party but either way, they will trust that you have good judgment and that you won’t do anything stupid and soon you’ll be on your way over to the party.


  • Keeping up with advancements in technology

Much like how our parents grew up in a modest era, they also grew up in an era where “smartphone” wasn’t even a word. An apple was pretty much a good daily source of fiber. So while we use our phones like we were born with them, our parents have to deal with quite a struggle. “Putha my PickMe won’t work, can you fix it?” How about, “I sent a sticker on Viber to the wrong person, can you get it back for me?” So yes, such is the daily struggle of our birth givers; still for all even if it gets annoying you have no choice but to help out.


  • The relationships

This word may probably be banned in households until we at least reach the age of 21. But when we come of the age when hormones are raging and emotions run amok, most of us will ultimately resort to secretly dating someone, and when I say secretly I mean everyone but our parents, aunts and uncles will know. However, like the song ‘Ada Ape Thaththa’ goes, eventually you’re going to get caught at some point with your significant other. Be prepared to face hell’s wrath!


So there you have it! Now that you’ve come to end of this article you should go give your parents a hug, for while these things may seem trivial, you may never know how much they may be affecting them. Till next time, have a good one folks!


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