Everything else.. 5 Things To Know To Make a Good First Impression

5 Things To Know To Make a Good First Impression

2017 Jul 27

We have all faced a situation where we’ve needed to get ourselves into presentable shape because, no matter what anyone may tell you, first impressions matter. A lot. It may be a super important interview, or a fun first date. Nonetheless, these 5 tips are sure to ensure that the first impression that lasts is a good one!

1. Looks- DUH!

This is quite the obvious one, but your outward appearance will take you places (wink wink)! Make sure your attire suits the situation. Jeans and a t-shirt are an absolute no-no for an interview, because do you really want your potential boss to think you’re way too laid back or lazy? No. So wear something smart (even semi-formal would be adequate) and confident. You’ll surely ace it!

If this special occasion happens to be a date, well then, wear something that is appropriate for where you’ll be going. If it’s a fancy restaurant, don’t throw on something way too casual, because it may across as you not making an effort. If you’re going to be meeting up somewhere chilled out, don’t dress up too much as you may be a little out of place or uncomfortable. Nonetheless, if you have your own way of dressing, be bold and fearless! Never be afraid to be who you are 

2. Ensure that bad breath doesn’t make an appearance!

For most people, bad breath is a HUGE deal breaker. Unpleasant odors are usually a turn-off for anyone and could ruin the whole vibe of your meeting. So stay away from garlic, onion or fish, which produce strong odours just before your event!

The easiest thing to do is keep a mouthwash in your bag which would help a great deal if you ever decide to have a spontaneous meet up. It’s super easy to handle and can be used it on the go to refresh your mouth and combat that enemy (bad breath).

3. Deodorant and perfume are your BBFs!

Speaking of unpleasant odors, make sure that you don’t emit any other funky smells! Yes, sweating is good for the body and all, however, smelling sweaty or like you haven’t had a shower in days is inadvisable. So always use deodorant (also avoid those sweat patches!) and keep a bottle perfume on hand!

4. Be punctual

Be on time!!! Arriving late to a date and especially an interview will speak volumes about your character. If you are punctual, your interviewer will know that you will be capable of completing your tasks on time. It says that you’re an efficient personality as well as can help you build up your career (yeah, it is that important). It’ll show that you’re dependable.

Moreover, being tardy will very probably annoy your date and make you appear flustered. Plus you’ll be wasting their time. So remember to be on time!

5. Actions do speak louder than words

Etiquette and behaviour are vital when it comes to presenting the best possible impression of you. Good posture can make an immense difference to your appearance. So walk with your shoulders straight and chin up. Don’t hunch over and drag your feet. Like Amma and Thaththa would ssay, “Not nice, noh!”
Further, like you’ve probably heard a hundred times before, a firm handshake is also a must for a good first impression. It will deliver the message that you’re confident in yourself and your abilities!

I think these 5 tips are sure to help you show the very best versions of yourselves! Have fun kids!