Everything else.. 5 Forgotten Essentials We Are Screwed Without

5 Forgotten Essentials We Are Screwed Without

There are certain aspects of Sri Lanka and its culture that complicates life a bit. But rather than feeling frustrated or regretful about such things, let’s try doing something about it! There are 5 items that I am going to share with you in brief. These precious items are greatly taken for granted and forgotten. But if you would just carry them around with you, I promise your days will get much better!

1. The blessing of a Handkerchief

Despite our country’s wonders, it gets extremely dusty around here. So, it’s really no surprise for your nose to tickle quite often. “Shoot, I’m going to sneeze! But Keshi (the hottie from marketing) is sitting right next to me. What if I spray on her??!” Sounds familiar right? If you don’t want such panicky thoughts to bombard your mind every time you have to sneeze, just carry a handkerchief with you. It’s an old-fashioned thing to do, but it’s certainly classier than wiping your nose on your sleeves.

2. The miracle of Mouthwash

We Sri Lankans tend to adore food that directly contributes to bad breath. Enjoying that cheese kottu? Well your partner may like you being cheesy but he/she certainly wouldn’t like it if you smelt like cheese. What about a fish roll for a snack? Sure, it tastes good but your career goals may take a serious hit because nobody really wants to promote the “fish breath” guy. However, it would be UNIMAGINABLE to give up on these amazing Lankan delicacies! Instead, make it a habit to carry around a convenient pocket-sized mouthwash. Head to a store right now! Then, you can have all the katta sambol you want but still smell super fresh!

3. Mosquito repellent, be my hero!

Are you tired of swatting away mosquitoes while debating with your conscience if it’s right to kill? Our little island is full of these blood sucking monsters and it gets really stressful having to be paranoid about getting dengue every time you feel a prick. The best solution is to take a bottle of citronella oil with you. Yes, I know it smells. But believe me it’s better than lying in a hospital bed burning with fever wondering if you’re going to live to see another episode of Game of Thrones.

4. Earphones for the sound of music

After a long day of work or endless tuition classes, we all just go a little crazy in Lankan traffic. “Who does this motor-cyclist think he is squeezing in and making things worse? I’ll run him over I swear…” WHOA, CHILL! As opposed to having these murderous thoughts, just remember to bring your earphones along the next time you get into a bus or a pick-me. Listening to your favourite songs will definitely calm the soul (You with the killer-instincts; forget music and listen to a meditation track! Ommm…)

5. Power-bank I need you!

Raise your hand if your battery is constantly running close to 5%! Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Hands around the country are going up right now. But instead of dealing with your Thaththa screaming “I don’t know why I bought this child a phone! Whenever I call you it’s switched off!!”, try getting yourself a power bank. That way, your phone will be charged a good 30% and Thaththa can call you whenever he likes to make sure you’re not kidnapped (Don’t judge your dad. You’ll understand when you become a parent!).

I know this seems like a lot of things to carry with you. But just do yourself a favour and avoid having to deal with a horrid day where you sneeze on your crush, your breath smells bad, you feel a little feverish (dengue?), get stuck in traffic and almost murder someone, and your phone is about to die when you need it most.