Everything else.. 21 Things to Buy Off eBay for Christmas

21 Things to Buy Off eBay for Christmas

2016 Dec 2

by Aanisha Cuttilan

‘Tis the season of gift-giving, love and.. empty wallets. Happiness, unfortunately, does come with a price tag in December. I mean that in the most realistic way possible, I really do.

All in good time, here’s a list of specially discounted diddly-dos (most of it inclusive of free international shipping, because expensive shipping is definitely the curse word of the season) composed for the Sri Lankan Santa Claus, conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

Unbreakable Silicon Cups (LKR 490, free shipping)


Be it for all of the messy kids in your life or someone who’s always in need of a drink, these little ones have been making their rounds on the internet and everyone wants one now! Portable, pristine and perfect for a boozy Viharamahadevi picnic, get some fun here.

Copper Wire Fairy Lights (LKR 730)


Bring some vintage lighting into your home and experience some of that soft Christmas magic. Ammi and nangi will definitely love this and love you more for buying it. Purchase them here or here.

Elf Ears In-Ear Earbuds (LKR 4300, free shipping)


Enjoy your favorite music whilst looking like your favorite character from The Hobbit? Yes please! Enjoy some Elven magic here.

Boyfriend Arm Soft Throw Pillow (LKR 1,315, free shipping)


Long Distance Relationships are in abundance these days, don’t you think? Kids flying everywhere to study, fathers working abroad, high-school lovers leaving for college, gift them this little piece of home for some kind of familiarity when they leave post-vacation.

Hogwarts Harry Potter Replica Magic Wand with Box (LKR 990, free shipping)


Accio, Obliviate, Silencio, any Harry Potter fan would love this piece of memorabilia. Get it here.

Game of Thrones Metal Pendant (LKR 665, free shipping)


Shekh ma sheiraki anni, make your significant other feel like the one and only with these thoughtful necklaces. Or get your GoT friends these super cool pendants here and here

Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes (LKR 325, free shipping)


Add some color to your Christmas table here.

Men’s Garters Suspender (LKR 975, free shipping)


For ayya, because amma constantly yells at him about his crushed clothes. Or for that colleague who could use a fashion tip or two, this is the new men’s trend that’s sweeping the nation.

Classic Wrist Watches (LKR 112, free shipping)


You know Lankans could really use this in their lives because we NEVER function on time. Remind a loved one that they’re always late with this nit-bit.

Poop Emoji Plush Pillow (LKR 470, free shipping)


For anyone who always has shitty thoughts, or just someone who wants some shit to cuddle up to. Get it here.

Fujifilm Instax Mini + 10 Film (LKR 11, 610 inclusive of shipping)


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to Majestic City in hopes of buying one of these cute polaroid cameras and been turned down every time. Here’s where you can get one delivered right to your doorstep.

Stainless Steel Pocket Hip Flask (LKR 625, free shipping)


You guys, let’s not mess around. How will one get through the holidays with all of those curious aunties without some motivation? Do your friends a favor and get them some easy-access-motivation here.

Unisex Adult Onesies (LKR 2,060, free shipping)


What with the rainy weather and eggnog times, everyone would appreciate this snuggly outfit. Plus point being you can get it in the Unicorn variety and 4 out of every 5 girls will definitely want this! Get it here

Giant Bubble Sword Wand (LKR 470, inclusive of shipping)


Probably the cheapest but most fun to have gift in all of forever – bubbles never fail to bring me pure unadulterated joy. And giant bubbles? It must be Christmas! Get it here

Taylor Swift – 1989 (LKR 2900, inclusive of shipping)


Is amma making you clean the house for the various number of relatives about to visit this season? Could she really use something to take the edge off all the stress? Get her this mix and shake it off with Tay for a happier mood. Get it here

Foam Roller Muscle Tissue Massage (LKR 1,317, free shipping)


That gym friend or family-member will definitely need one of these trying to work off the holiday gains. Be a doll and get them started on their journey to fitfam-hood again. Get it here

JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (LKR 9,750, free shipping)


For some reason, all Sri Lankan boys have an obsession with wireless JBL speakers. If they don’t own one already, they’d thank you for getting them a one way ticket to the Cool Kids Party. Make their day here.

Electronic Cat Toy (LKR 3,030)


Probably meant for that one friend who takes pride in calling herself a crazy cat lady, but who wouldn’t want to watch a little fluffer go crazy with this thing? Also don’t tell child protective services but this would also keep a two year old quiet for an hour or so. Get it here.

Silver Frozen Snowflake (LKR 110, free shipping)


Lanka’s lack of snow may be disheartening this season but there’s no reason you can’t introduce your own take on it into a loved one’s life. Get some Christmas spirit here

Balancing Wheel Hoverboard (LKR 34,100)


To keep up with that hyperactive kid in your life who just WON’T STOP RUNNING. Or if you’re too lazy to walk. It is the 21st Century after all. Get with Marty McFly here.

UFC Brass Knuckles (LKR 965 inclusive of shipping)


Not trying to endorse violence here but owning one of these is bound to make someone feel super cool. For the ultimate thug or for your friends to just display on their desks as a mark of their manhood. Boost their ego here.

So Happy Shopping, Sri Lanka! And don’t forget, the real gift of the season is spending it with people you love, and making the most of little moments.