Everything else.. 10 Tips to Manage Your Finances

10 Tips to Manage Your Finances

2017 Dec 9

Let’s face it; most of us aren’t really good at managing our finances. Whether you give in and make quick impulse purchases, or even if you’re just generally bad at managing things (finances included), don’t worry! Pulse is here to help. So here are ten tips to…you guessed it, manage your finances!

1. Discount Shopping

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If you have to get some shopping done, look out for Christmas and year-end sales. Some stores offer discounts up to 50%. This way you wouldn’t feel guilty when you’re at the cashier with an entire wardrobe for the next year. Shopping online is an alternative, but this time of the year is one of the busiest when it comes to shipping, so it’s best that you avoid this.

2. Be on the lookout for promo codes

Love it or hate it, the tuk-tuk is an integral part of our daily lives. Most of us depend on them to get from point A to B…if you aren’t stuck in traffic that is. Either that or you get around in a Nano taxi. Regardless, keep your eyes open for promo codes. Especially with the festive season coming around, I’m sure the guys at Uber and PickMe have something in store for their customers.

3. Buy your fresh produce from the pola

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Supermarkets have overheads, thus their prices are higher. Visit a pola the next time you want to do some shopping. It is a festival of sights, sounds and colors…much more interesting than your boring supermarket. Plus, you’ll be helping the small scale farmers and vendors instead of a big corporation. In essence, its cheap and socially responsible shopping.

4. Spend more time at home

No promo code? No problem. Instead of jumping at the opportunity to go gallivanting around Colombo when you have free time, try to stay home. Help around the house, spend some quality time with family or even try out that easy recipe that you’ve always wanted to. Though it might sound a bit boring, think about it, by doing this you’ll be saving bucks that you could spend on your next night out!

5. Use your HSBC Credit Card

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If you apply for an HSBC credit card this season, you will get Rs. 100,000/- at 0% interest no matter where and when you shop. As for those discounts I mentioned above, HSBC will be partnering with retailers and restaurants around the island. So keep an eye out if you are an HSBC card holder because you’ll be saving more! Find out more right here!

6. If you see something you want, wait

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve seen something we really want to purchase (these things usually have a hefty price tag) Next time you’re in this situation, place it back on the shelf and wait three days…if you still want it after this time, go back and buy it. If you don’t, that means it was just an impulse purchase creeping up on you.

7. Download an app

There are plenty of apps out there for IOS, Android, and Windows (I know you guys exist, I didn’t forget) that help you keep track of your daily expenses. They serve as a great way to keep a tab on what you spend the most on so you can try to curb them.

8. Choose a proper data plan

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Our mobile data plans keep us connected to the world and they have become pretty important in our daily lives. They are an expense however, so depending on the type of user you are, make sure you choose one that is best suited for you. Else, you will be paying more for no reason.

9. Hangout with your friends….at home

Instead of heading over to one of Colombo’s hip and happening cafes, why not get your squad over and binge watch a TV show? Or maybe even play a board/card game…when was the last time you ruined relationships because of either Monopoly or Uno? It’s been a while huh? Its loads of fun and it literally costs nothing.

10. If you haven’t opened a bank account yet, do it.

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Safely stashing your cash in a bank is a great way to spend less since it isn’t physically on hand with you. Banks are going digital in Sri Lanka right now and cash deposit machines are popping up all over the place so making deposits have never been easier. Look out for great interest rates too so you can maximize your savings!

So there you have it; our top ten ways to manage your finances. I do hope this article finds you well so you can effectively keep a tab on your cash. Keep it real until next time folks!


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