Events Shocking Scandal at Bengal Bungalow!

Shocking Scandal at Bengal Bungalow!

2018 Nov 23

With less than a week to the much awaited production of Jehan Aloysius’s smash-hit comedy Bengal Bungalow at the Lionel Wendt on the 30th of November and 01st of December, the cast is keeping most of the plot hush hush. Nevertheless, a source, who wished to remain anonymous, reveals that there is a great deal of scandal exposed in the play. According to our source, “The queen sized bed in guestroom features heavily in the script, as well as scenes with many individuals, both British and Indian, getting under the covers.” Aloysius, however, insists that Bengal Bungalow is “a family play with just a hint of tongue in cheek humour.” He claims that the inspiration for this “riotous comedy with cunning twists and unexpected turns” came to him while visiting society hostess Lillian Fenworth and her father, Arthur Fenworth, in Bengal.

It comes as no wonder that Colombo is all abuzz in anticipation of the show, with queues forming for tickets outside the Lionel Wendt Theatre, where the show is to play on 30th November and 01st December. We advise readers to purchase tickets soon, so as not to miss out on the juicy happenings at Bengal Bungalow.

Set in Bengal in the late 1930’s, Bengal Bungalow’s plot revolves around a British family, comprising Arthur Fenworth and his daughter Lillian, that resides in India. Their home, Bengal Bungalow, becomes a bizarre circus when a British pilot decides to accidentally crash his aircraft through the newly refurbished guestroom. The pilot loses his memory as a result of the crash, leading to a host of comic misunderstandings, misdemeanours, and misadventures. Lillian ‘chooses’ the pilot as her husband and marries him immediately, jilting her suitor Charles Worthing. Enter a host of British and Indian characters as well as a menagerie of animals, and the plot spins and twists into a hilariously dizzying world of madness. 

The cast is definitely bustling with creative energy, with this year’s performance consisting of both young and prominent thespians such as Dion Nanayakkara, Aadil Osman, Chantal Dassanayake, Shehan (Babs) Wijemanne, Reihan Stephen, Roshane Jayampathy, Patrick De Kretser, Heshal Pieris, Suranee Gomez, Hashen Ratnayake and Tharusha Kumarasinghe.

Bengal Bungalow is the wackiest and wildest presentation from CentreStage Productions. The production team of the play recommends purchasing tickets soon as many have already purchased their tickets! The Box Office for Bengal Bungalow is open at the Lionel Wendt! Tickets can also ordered in bulk via the CentreStage Hotline 0772949767!

So run and grab your tickets for the fast paced, absolutely hilarious smash-hit comedy Bengal Bungalow!