Events The Rotaract Club of IIHE Celebrates a Successful Revival Year

The Rotaract Club of IIHE Celebrates a Successful Revival Year

2017 Jun 5

With the Rotaract Year drawing to a close, many clubs in the Rotaract District 3220 Sri Lanka and Maldives are winding down their projects and initiatives, but for the Rotaract Club of IIHE, it is only the beginning.

Chartered in the year 2012, under the sponsorship of The Rotary Club of Capital City, the humble Club was revived for the Rotaract Year 2016/2017 – after remaining dormant for a little over a year – by the Revival President Rtr. Tarini Pilapitiya and Revival Secretary Rtr. Aanisha Cuttilan. The Club chose the theme “Rising Higher Together” alongside the motif of a Phoenix for their Installation Ceremony, indicating a Club rising again from the ashes.

Gradually developing a membership base of over 30 Rotaractors for the year, President Tarini and her Board of Directors like to look back and think that the club really did make a difference with their many projects and initiatives.

The club carried out 19 projects for the year and a few of the highlights include:


A community service initiative where the club funded 30 bifocal glasses for the patients of the Geriatric Clinic in the Colombo South Teaching Hospital – Kalubowila (CSTH) whilst also educating Rotaractors on the social problems of the ageing community and giving them a platform to socialize with the elders in the area.

Voice The Floor

A movement to help uplift the creative scope of the local talent and raise funds to contribute towards “Janopagara Laduru Uyana” a league to support the children of the underprivileged, run by The Kandy Social Service League – under the Kandy Municipal Council. The event featured singers, poets, stand-up comedians and magicians.

Words from Around the World

When The Rotaract Club of IIHE filled Facebook with an open dialogue on Cultural Diversity to bring awareness to the driving force of Cultural Diversity as a tool in developing the world in aid of creating awareness of the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.


A three-phase Professional Development project alongside the Rotaract Clubs of CIRP and Wellawatta to focus on ways to Counterbalance, Collaborate and Coexist, not only in the Rotaract Community, but in one’s day to day life as well.

The Year also saw the club getting involved in many District initiatives such as Assembly, Rotaract Champions League and Conference. In the true spirit of Rotaract, the Club also mingled and made friends worth a lifetime with not only other Rotaract Clubs, but with Interact and Rotary Clubs as well.

With a successful Revival Year coming to a close, The Rotaract Club of IIHE welcomes young men and women aged 18-30 to join the club. Reach them on or visit their Facebook page at