Events Not a joke indeed.

Not a joke indeed.

2016 Aug 24

The organizers of comedy Sunday along with its partners PRwire, Pulse, Vevra, Uber, talents and well wishers have made the upcoming comedy Sunday a charitable one. Tranquil Events started its journey with a vision of making people laugh and today they have decided that they can do more.

Founder of tranquil events Fahmy Rahman, further went on to say that Tranquil Events vision is to come together in achieving success. We Sri Lankans tend to divide and fall, not unite and stand. So the event which is happening on the 11th of September will be a charitable one maybe in the future we will randomly choose an event and make it charitable. Profits earned from this particular event will be supporting a very active community called the EPFS community which donates 100% of its donation to many charitable organizations may it be animal welfare, elder’s home or any place that needs help. More information can be found in the link given in our event page.

It is also our duty to remind that our world class performers not only come onstage to make people laugh, they also send across strong messages for people to ponder. Each performer has a unique path to make an impact and they do it so well through their act. We encourage and support the idea of sending out strong message to the public.

Therefore we call upon everyone to come for this event not only to laugh but also to make an impact. Not only for us to laugh but also to make others lives better. For more details or if you also want to be a part of this event please follow our Facebook page

Stay United, Stand Strong.