Entertainment “Comedy Sundays” featuring Shuhaib Ali

“Comedy Sundays” featuring Shuhaib Ali

2015 Oct 6

by Anuki Premachandra

“My grandmas in prison… That’s what she calls it, we call it my aunt’s place.” –Arfath Saleem

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For everyone who’s watched Kevin Hart, there’s dozens of fans who know his work and have cracked up at his 120 mph riffs simply by seeing his appearances on Comedy Specials and super-successful movies, hold your horses, we don’t have to go all the way to the Land-of-the-free-and-Home-of-the-brave for some seriously good comedy.


From one-liners to sexual innuendo to mastering the art of mimicry, the comedians at Comedy Sundays got it all! Stand-up comedy is a fairly new entertainment branch we see today and in Sri Lanka, and it’s a branch yet unexplored.

Fahmy Rahman from Tranquil Events said “Sri Lanka has the capability of producing internationally recognized comedians,” and this was definitely proven to us time and time again. Comedy Sundays featuring Shuhaib Ali brought together someamazing home-grown comedians in the stand-up comedy industry like Sacha, ArfathSaleem, YasirHaris and a few others.


To make an audience cry is easy, but to make an audience laugh is a tremendous task. Leaving both their dignity and little of the respect they had left, on the chairs they were seated on, these comedians took the spotlight with unwavering audacity.

Comedy Sundays is an amazing concept that Tranquil Events, PR Wire and Coffee Bean have come up with together to give our young and enthusiastic comedians a platform to show the world what they have. There’s always the element of surprise, guaranteed to keep you roaring with laughter. They say that for every fifteen minutes of solid full-body laughing you do, you can burn up to 40 calories! Working out? Dieting? Get to laughing! Head over to Coffee Bean, Liberty Plaza on the first Sunday of every month. Grab your coffee, chill out with your friends (or if you don’t have any, alone), and be assured a bucket full of laughter. Keep your Sundays free!


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