Entertainment Colombo Gears up for the 74th Bradby Shield Encounter

Colombo Gears up for the 74th Bradby Shield Encounter

2018 Apr 19

19 April 2018

Frequently hailed as one of the oldest school sporting fixtures in the country, the Bradby Shield Encounter positions itself among the most hyped rugby events of the year. Popularly referred to as the Bradby, the event brings to the fore two leading all-boys’ schools in the country; Royal College, Colombo and Trinity College, Kandy. This year, both schools will be competing in what is the 74th Bradby encounter.

The age-old fixture consists of two exciting matches, one in Colombo, and the other in Kandy. Despite the distance between these cities, friends, fans and families, are always up to travel between the regions, papare bands in tow, for the most hyped school rugby matches of the year. The fervour of the players and fans is a thrilling testament to the passion our paradise island has for the sport, and the game is made that much more exciting given the regional rivalry at play.

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As two of the first schools to take up the sport in the country, the first encounter between Royal and Trinity took place in July 1920. Taking its name from the former principal of Royal College, Mr E. L. Bradby, the sporting event dishes out some seriously competitive rugby, year in, year out. To date, over 100 games have been played between both the teams, and have even been attended by international rugby icons, such as former All Blacks’ coach, Graham Henry.

Photo Courtesy of ThePapare.com

Made up of exquisite metalwork forged by Kandyan craftsmen, the coveted shield comprises of silver plating inlaid on rich woodwork. Not your average sports trophy, only Royalists and Trinitians who have put their heart and soul into defending the shield, know the true value of holding it high above their heads.

Boasting of drawing crowds by the thousands, not to mention those watching its live-stream from around the world, the Bradby has become a significant calendar event for many Sri Lankans. Given the level of preparation both teams put in, and the fierce nature of the competition, the game is a guaranteed nail-biter until the blow of the final whistle.

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Photo Courtesy of ThePapare.com

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