Events Challenging the Paradigm

Challenging the Paradigm

2018 Oct 12

The American captain of industry, Sir Henry Ford once said, ‘Thinking differently is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.’

You might have heard of the phrase ‘thinking out of the box or challenging the paradigm’. You may see it as a cliché statement, probably even heard it from your boss or from your lecturer.

But what does this mean? What is this box in the first place?

According to the business dictionary, thinking out of the box is Idea generation or problem solving that is not constrained by self-imposed limits or conventional barriers. Through being free or breakthrough thinking, it creates new paradigms and explores non-logical and uncommon ways and solutions.

Our routines and thinking patterns acquired over long periods of time have virtually narrowed our thinking out of the box, or more accurately, to an all the more left-side of the equator overwhelming style of breaking down and preparing data.

We are so comfortable in spending years and years in schools/colleges/universities learning what other people have known, found, taught and created.

The next time your colleague/boss comes up to you and says, think out of the box and find a solution, it sounds easy, but it can be a very difficult task to perform if you have not set your mind right. That’s when you feel frustrated, you feel lost since you lack unconventional thinking. But it is normal.

Just imagine that you are trying to play a violin for the first time? You are going to make very weird noises, right? but if you keep playing, you’ll eventually get better at it. Likewise, when you train your mind to think out of the box, train thinking unconventionally even though it is not easy, you’ll get better and better at it.

This year’s CIM future marketers conference is for professionals who want to improve their unconventional thinking. With an amazing line up of speakers, come and join the discussion on how we can challenge the paradigm by setting no boundaries within our minds.

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